The following content describes main town access routes & how to get to & from there, & to another town in the Utraean Peninsula. This article excludes travel by H.U.B.(Helios Utrae Basilicus).

From Elddim:Edit

To Crystwind: Elddim> Elddim Glade> Crystwind Mines> CrystwindEdit

Elddim> Iliarth Valley> Illiarth Divide> Ancient Crypt> Hovart's Marsh> Hovart's Folly> Elddim Glade> Crystwind Mines> Crystwind

Elddim> Iliarth Valley> Iliarth Divide> Iliarth Falls> Iliarth Canyon> Crystwind Grasslands> Crystwind

To Lang: Elddim> Elddim Lowlands> Lang Mire> LangEdit

From Crystwind:Edit

To Fallraen: Crystwind> Crystwind Old Mines> Fallraen Forest> FallraenEdit

To Quillrabe: Crystwind> Iliarth Canyon> Quillrabe Canyon> Quillrabe

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