Dagosten Dagosten 21 January

Massive Wiki Overhaul

We're working on it !

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FuzzyDriver FuzzyDriver 29 May 2020

Gas File Keys

There are a great number of keys in GAS files.  Some are obvious (inventory_height) and some seem like they should be  (doc), but don't seem to do anything.  And then there are some that seem important, yet don't have a description you can find in Google (pcontent) Yeah, I know pcontent is described here, but Google doesn't lead to our page here.  IOW, you have to already be here to find pcontent.

Does anyone know of a comprehensive guide to these keys?

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DeltaDart DeltaDart 13 April 2020

Just doing this for the achievement lol

Might have more to post later, but not right now.

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Sadowson Sadowson 20 September 2016

The (so far) fully accurate historical timeline.

The following has been my mission for the past two or so weeks, to record every event in Dungeon Siege. It is as up to date as I can get it right now. I will likely overwrite parts of it as I continue working on it. All articles are taken DIRECTLY from the Dungeon Siege games, with tiny bits from the Throne of Agony but since I don't have it, parts are likely inaccurate. I've also largely omitted DS3 as I have minimal information for it as well. It's on my list of things to get around to after the wikia is largely done tidying up the DSI side of things, which we are doing GREAT at. :)

On a side note, if you see any ///, then that indicates a comment from my end, not an official addition. Thats because I was using Notepad++ for making it sin…

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Sadowson Sadowson 28 August 2016

Dungeon Siege's incredibly complicated and incredibly simple mapping

Dungeon Siege (And it's successor Dungeon Siege II to a more advanced degree) utilizes as system for it's mapping which is totally unique from other games in that it's logical positioning system is largely non-existent.

(Note: Grab a coffee - newcomers will probably need to read this twice or three times)

A question was asked recently as to how Dungeon Siege is able to have it's maps overlay each other yet not glitch both visually and mechanically. This is both really complicated in the larger scale of things, and really simple in the smaller sense.

First and foremost, DS breaks it's map down in the following format:

  • Map (The entire map that you play in)
  • Region (Which is a segment of the map. Stonebridge (Map_World: bt_r1) and Elddim (Multiplay…
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Sadowson Sadowson 17 August 2016

DS NPC's can walk

I'll let you think about that one for a moment.

By default, ALL NPC's and players in Dungeon Siege "run" or jog everywhere. GPG was kind enough to include walking animations - they just literally never used them. Ripping into old code is so much fun!!!

On a good note, they work amazingly.

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Sadowson Sadowson 9 August 2016

Dungeon Siege Editor Guides

The editor guides are slowly being added to the wikia one by one.

They are direct copies of the original guides. This means that the images and information is INTACT as was originally published. The ONLY changes that have been made is formatting and spellchecking.

I'm working through it slowly. The more complex guides are harder to upload than the simpler ones.

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CannedFool CannedFool 10 February 2014

Enemies updating

Hi all who are still sieging the day, I'm playing back through the campaigns etc so I'll take snaps and update the relevan enemies pages as I go, lets spruce this place up a bit!

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Sworris Sworris 12 January 2014


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Sadowson Sadowson 28 November 2013

Dungeon Siege 3

While I don't mind letting people adding content to this wikia, I am tempted to make a request of those who do create additions.

I want a canon hunt. Specifically against Dungeon Siege 3. Don't know what a canon hunt is? Here's the basic definition:

Canon Hunt - Where an individual or group of individuals ultimately reject the stated information and content given in an expanding fictional universe, typically due to extreme dislike for said content and information.

Basically that means I found Dungeon Siege 3 to be so freakin' terrible (Dwarves are dead, goblins are now citizens) in terms of storyline AND gameplay that I really don't like comparing it to the other DS storylines. I'm not a racist (Specifically in reference to goblins being citiz…

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Iruklor Iruklor 8 September 2013

Anyone out there?

Hey guys anyone alive?

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Sadowson Sadowson 1 February 2013

Removal of Multiplayer

At the start of 2013, Gamespy quietly closed down the DS2 servers without telling anyone.

I discovered that three weeks ago. Then I discovered that (For no reason) because Gamespy servers were offline, that meant normal internet and LAN games no longer worked. LAN GAMES DONT WORK. WHY? NO IDEA! Since then, I've been scouring the internet in search of ways around this. Sadly, I havent really found many fixes.


Zonematch is long gone and there was once a website that was setup to replace it. Sadly, that's also gone due to hackers thinking they were cool and then destroying it (I mean, seriously - not cool guys). However, direct IP over internet and local LAN still works fine.


Since Internet is now no longer an option on any platform, LAN…

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Iruklor Iruklor 18 April 2012

Hey guys

what other companions do we need? I have not really finish Dungeon Siege 1 Expansion so I can't do that one as well, but I can 1 and 2 still. Which ones do we need?

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Jamiewinchester Jamiewinchester 9 April 2012

keep the work up guys!

keep the good work up guys! :) the site is growing fast

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Liorfigman Liorfigman 11 March 2012


this wiki is missing ALOT of pages so im making pages that arent created but have links to them, im also fixing links that are wrong (such as giant spider not linking to the page Giant spider)

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Sadowson Sadowson 6 December 2011

New pages!

I just created a new page and updated another.

New page: The Radiant Youth

Edited Page: Humans

The edit on the page for humans now includes a detailed explanation between the continuity error of where humans originally came from (Seriously, anyone who has played Dungeon Siege Two and three... and listened to all the lore... and remembered it... will understand the continuity error. Oh yea, its a big one)

I'm now going back to the enemies for Dungeon Siege One... Oh if only there was someone to help me...

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Sadowson Sadowson 4 December 2011

Why I am here

I guess alot of people have noticed my name suddenly appear on all the newly created and edited pages of the Dungeon Siege Wiki. Ever since I have started watching this wiki, I have been relatively dissappointed with the lack of updates and new content, as well as the issue of dead links.

So, I decided to fix that.

Dungeon Siege is my favourite series, the original first being my favourite game. If anyone ever wants me to add to a category or make a new page, etc, then please tell me and I will get right on it! This is an epic series, so it deserves an epic wiki. :)

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Zachc108 Zachc108 10 October 2011

I am playing DS3

Hi i am now playing DS3.

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Carinth Carinth 20 September 2011

Hi All

Just thought I'd drop a line, normally I use the other wiki's and I was surprised to find this one. My wife loves this series and was quite pleased this branch of wiki existed. Thanks for making my wife happy, you know what they say, "Happy Wife, Happy Life."

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Zachc108 Zachc108 1 August 2011

Games i played update

I've played DS 1, 2 and legends of arrana.

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SiegeMaster SiegeMaster 27 July 2011

Cleaning up

Coming to this site, I was expecting a great mass of knowledge about DS and its glory. But this site isn't as impressive as I first thought (my first glance was the "Dungeon Siege Histoy" which gave me very high hopes). But I think this site can be amazing, and can have a great base if we start going into overdrive with it:)

First off I think I will try to help, but it clearly is too big a task to just run into (imagine running recklessly into Castle Ehb our first time through the game. We all regretted that...).

I'm thinking this are the ~~ things we should do.

1: Work on bad pages (type in "Aranna" or "Human", you'll see what I mean). This are not new pages, they already exist. BUT they have nothing. Aranna simply has "A" for its page. Horr…

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Zachc108 Zachc108 12 July 2011

Games played

I've played DS 1 & 2 and i plan to play the expansions.

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WarFox LT WarFox LT 13 June 2011


Tried to play as Reinhart on HC difficulity... seem to be imposible for me... maybe Lucas will be next victim...

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WarFox LT WarFox LT 12 June 2011


Another 4 hours finished the game.

I loved how story was told at the very end. But I miss one thing taht other games (not DS or DS2) had... After-game, where you could play even after end.

Reached level 28, somewhere close to the level 29. The game was done closely 100%, did every quest found every item I could, found every lore. Still not reached 30... Shame...

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WarFox LT WarFox LT 11 June 2011


Played 4 hrs so far today. Totaling at 8h30min.

I'm currently at Royalist cave, just have talked with the queen.

So far so good. I really like Anjali ability to Tank and deal enormous amount of damage (physical and magical power) at the same time.

EDIT: Tried to create templates for Quests, Items and Characters... failed... ended-up using regular infobox here: Foecleaver

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WarFox LT WarFox LT 10 June 2011

First DAY

Played 4:30h today. I liked this game very much. I also haven't played DS or DS2 before. Gotta try them later.

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 1 June 2011

Dungeon Siege III Xbox 360 demo available

While the game is set to release on June 17 in Europe and June 21 in North America, the Xbox 360 demo for Dungeon Siege III is now available for download Xbox Live. The PC and PS3 demos are to be made available next week.

Do you think that the new game by Obsidian Entertainment will be as good as the original ones by Gas Powered Games? Or maybe better?

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 7 April 2011

Dungeon Siege III release dates announced

We have just received a press release announcing the new official date for Dungeon Siege III, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix - the game will hit the stores in Europe on June 17, and in the United States on June 21, 2011.

WHAT: Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in the Americas, announced today that the North American launch date for Dungeon Siege® III is now June 21, 2011. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment™, Inc. and shipping for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC, Dungeon Siege III blends a robust RPG …
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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 2 July 2010

Feargus Urquhart interview at GameBanshee

GameBanshee has interviewed Obsidian Entertainment's Feargus Urquhart about the studio's various projects, including Dungeon Siege III, Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol.

Here are some Dungeon Siege-relevant bits:

GB: So are you heading down the same path as the first two, where the world was loaded in on-the-fly?
Feargus: Yeah, yeah.
GB: What about a toolset? Dungeon Siege had a huge modding community.
Feargus: Yeah, there was – I played a number of them. There was that ultimate total conversion, and then there was Lands of Hyperborea (I think that was the name) with a different set of rules that I really enjoyed playing.
GB: I don't think the community has died out completely yet, either. Some modifications have been in development for years.
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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 9 June 2010

Dungeon Siege 3 concept art

Square Enix has released 4 pieces of concept art from the upcoming Dungeon Siege III. You can see them below:

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Ausir-fduser Ausir-fduser 7 June 2010

Dungeon Siege 3 announced


The Torch is Passed for a New Incarnation of the Classic Action-RPG

London (07 June 2010) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, announced today that it is partnering with Obsidian Entertainment® on DUNGEON SIEGE® 3. With input from the original developer, Gas Powered Games®, Obsidian Entertainment will develop the next incarnation of the DUNGEON SIEGE franchise with Square Enix as the game’s publisher. Coming for the first time to high-def home video game consoles, DUNGEON SIEGE 3 will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360® video game and…

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