Castle Ehb is a region in the Kingdom of Ehb, the single-player world in Dungeon Siege.

Overview Edit

The party approaches this fortress only to find that it has been overrun by the Seck. They must fight their way up through the halls and onto the battlements, there to hitch a lift platform down to the dungeons and search for the King.

Lord Bolingar, a knight of the realm, is encountered on the road to the castle and will join the party for free. Before crossing the moat, it is worthwhile to detour briefly south to clear the invaders from the castle gardens.

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History Edit

Commissioned for the use of the 10th Legion, Castle Ehb was built between the sea and Dragon's Rathe and features a moat and high walls atop a hill of solid granite. It is more compact and defensible than the Peninsula's sprawling Castle Hiroth. No-ways anticipating the threat from below, Ehb was considered a pinnacle of defense, only surpassed by the Palace of Night, from the Empire of Stars.

Locations Edit

The desert canyons connect to this region on its western edge by way of a cave tunnel. A boss group of Desert Braaks and some Green Drakes are encountered in here. Outside and immediately south, there is a hidden path to another cave containing treasure chests and a Giant Skeleton boss.

In the land surrounding the castle there are several small farms as well as a hedgerow maze. The castle is accessed by a drawbridge over a moat.

The Castle itself is made up of stables, kitchens, a throne room, royal chambers, and towers accessed by lifts built into them.

The depths of the castle contains a series of dungeons where criminals and dangerous creatures are contained. A lift in the dungeons grants access into a underground cave and river, where refugees from the Seck Resurgence sheltered.

Beyond the dungeons is the Chamber of Stars, where artifacts from the war of the legions too dangerous for "mortal eyes" are kept. Below the Vault is the Seck prison.

In Game Edit

Lady Montbarron assaulted the castle during the Seck resurgence, during which it had been sacked and infested with Seck and Mucosa. In the dungeons the player encounters King Konreid who gives the player the key to access the Chamber of Stars.

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