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In Dungeon Siege and its expansion, Legends of Aranna, characters are awarded classifications based on the skills that they have honed through combat and leveling.

Classifications are titles only. They do not confer any benefits to the character; rather, they identify a character's play style and skillset.

A character will receive a classification or title upon leveling up skills. Titles are always assigned based on the whether or not certain skills have reached number thresholds. For example, a character with a level 30 melee skill would be called a Knight. If his or her combat magic were level 10, this would not affect the title. However, if their combat magic was at least 20, then the title would be changed to Warlock or Warwitch.

Below is a table comprising of each title and classification that a player can be bestowed upon throughout the game.

Rank Titles[edit | edit source]

Skills 1 - 4 5 - 10 11 - 19 20 -49 50 - 99 100 +
Melee Squire Soldier Warrior Knight Champion Grand Champion
Ranged Bowyer Archer Marksman Sharpshooter Master Sharpshooter Grandmaster Sharpshooter
Nature Magic Apprentice Theurgist Magician Grand Mage Arch Mage Supreme Arch Mage
Combat Magic Savant Hedge Wizard Wizard Sorcerer


Grand Sorcerer

(Grand Sorceress)

Grand High Sorcerer

(Grand High Sorceress)

Melee, Ranged Man-At-Arms


Skirmisher Raider Campaigner Crusader Grand Crusader
Melee, Nature Magic Friar Curate Druid Preserver Grand Preserver Supreme Preserver
Melee, Combat Magic Combatant Duelist Dragoon Warlock


Grand Worlock

(Grand Warwitch)

Grand High Warlock

(Grand High Warwitch)

Ranged, Nature Magic Scout Forester Ranger Warder


Arch Ward

(Arch Wardess)

Supreme High Ward

(Supreme High Wardess)

Ranged, Combat Magic Jager Conjurer Channeler Matross Master Matross Grandmaster Matross
Nature, Combat Magic Acolyte Shaman Scholar Magus Grand Magus Grand High Magus
Melee, Ranged, Nature Magic Cavalier Marshal Paladin Templar Arch Templar Supreme Templar
Melee, Ranged, Combat Magic Mercenary Gladiator Centurion Myrmidon Warlord


Warlord Noble

(Warlady Noble)

Melee, Nature Magic, Combat Magic Initiate Mystic Sage Deacon


Grand Deacon

(Grand Deaconess)

Grand High Deacon

(Grand High Deaconess)

Ranged, Nature Magic, Combat Magic Adept Conjurer Thaumaturgist Evoker Senior Evoker Lord Evoker

(Lady Evoker)

All Skills Freelance Journeyman Adventurer Master Grand Master Grand High SiegeMaster

(Grand High Siegemistress)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Conjurer is the only title shared across two different classifications; Ranged with Combat Magic and Ranged with Nature Magic and Combat Magic.
  • The titles of player starting with no skills varies across race. Humans are called Farmers, Dwarves are called Miners, Skeletons are called Corpses, Half-Giants are called Brutes, and Utraeans are called Novices.
  • Despite being the Kingdom of Ehb's Arch Mage, Merik does not have this title when you first meet him. His title is Grand Mage.
  • Grand High Siegemaster is the hardest title to acquire in the game. Assuming a player does not cheat, it takes many many years to reach.
  • Due to the limitations in the number of enemies in the Single Player Campaign and the fact that most enemies do not ever respawn, it is nearly impossible for a player to achieve any of the last titles. However, if one farms for months off Swamp Witch summoning, they may finally reach those titles. This is not possible in Utrae with Rune Casters and their summoned beasts, as those give no experience.
  • There are weapons, armor and spells that can provide a magical boost to skills, and they do affect a character's title.
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