Ulora, a companion and one of the known followers in Dungeon Siege.

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"My thanks, i did not cherish the thought of finding my way alone. Let's make haste!."

In the Dungeon Siege Universe, Companions are characters who can join the player on their quest through the world. Companions first appeared in Dungeon Siege and have been available in all subsequent expansions titles.

Each major release also has a maximum number of companions that can accompany a player at any given time.

Dungeon Siege only allows a maximum of eight companions, including the player character. Companions who are either rejected upon meeting or who are dismissed from party will stay where they are until recruited again.

Additionally, the player is free to dismiss their starting character at any time, provided there is at least one member of the party remaining.

Dungeon Siege II allows up to a maximum of four party members on Normal difficulty, five members on Veteran dififculty and six members on Elite difficulty. Any companions dismissed from party will be sent back to the tavern in the nearest village. The player is no longer allowed to dismiss their starting character.

Dungeon Siege III only allows the player character and one other companion at any given time. However they are free to change their companions at any given time.

Companions generally fall into the category of four distinctive types: Characters who are available freely upon first meeting, characters who act as mercenaries and require cash up front, characters who require a quest to be completed for them first and Packmules. Packmules take up one slot in the players companion limits and they have very poor attack and health, however this is offset by having the inventory space of more than three characters.

In Dungeon Siege and it's expansion, Legends of Aranna, no companion requires a quest to be completed first before they can be recruited. They are either freely given on approach or require a reasonable sum of money.

In Dungeon Siege II, Dungeon Siege III and Broken World no character requires an upfront payment in cash for being hired. All companions are either given freely or require a quest to be completed prior.

Also Packmules are not available in Dungeon Siege III.

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  • Ulora is the very first companion to be made recruitable in the Dungeon Siege Series. Canonically, following the events of the main game, she ends up as the player's most trusted friend and advisor.
  • In Dungeon Siege, the character Merik is a character who is frozen in a Pillar of Ice. Although he is a finishing target of a quest, the quest is not required in order to free him. That being said, on single player, he must be freed in order to continue the main storyline.
  • At no time in Dungeon Siege or Dungeon Siege II is the player forced to have a companion. They are free to complete the entire game on their own if they so choose.

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