"From this day forth, there shall be nothing accomplished that was not purchased with the blood of these valiant hearts" - Commander Karese Noanni
The Crypt of Sacred Blood is a massive complex of tombs located in western Ehb, which fans out below Stonebridge and the Farmlands in a twisted jumble. Various monsters can be found within the vast catacombs, including gargoyles, jade gargoyles and skeletons.

One of the bloodiest battles of the 10th Legion's war against the Seck took place here, and Karese Noanni ordered a tomb built to honor the memories of those valiant soldiers who died to free Ehb.

As time passed, the kings and queens of Ehb were interred within the Crypt alongside the fallen heroes of the 10th Legion. Wealthy families from all over the kingdom also added onto the original tomb, creating an elaborate network of secret passages, burial chambers, and traps to deter would-be grave-robbers. Eventually, the Crypt of the Sacred Blood was deemed too dangerous to navigate, and was sealed. Most burials now take place in smaller graveyards around the various entrances to the necropolis, rather than within the tombs themselves.

During the Seck Resurgence, the Krug invaders desecrated the sacred burial site, taking powerful magic items from within the tombs, and using their rudimentary spells to raise undead. A humble farmer trying to reach Stonebridge was forced to navigate the Crypt due to a destroyed bridge, and rescued the Azunite scribe Ulora from the Krug within.

Trivia Edit

  • When navigating the Crypt in Dungeon Siege, the fresh corpse of a farmer can be found inside.
  • The Ruby Gargoyle at the end of the Crypt is the first boss fight that the player engages in when playing the Kingdom of Ehb campaign. It poses minimal threat to players who have levelled up melee or ranged but can be troublesome for mages.

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