This is the article and statistics page for the Dragon, a boss monster in Dungeon Siege.

Overview Edit

There is a dragon named "Scorch" in Ehb and an analogous creature named "Dragon Queen" in the Utraean Peninsula. Both are slumbering in their respective caves in the hot regions beyond the cliff cities in these realms. Scorch is the objective of a quest given by the Droog, and the Dragon Queen has in her possession the Quillrabe Stone.

The dragon appears to be a matured Black Drake, with proportions far less like an alligator now and more like western folklore. Its neck is elongated and has twin rows of horns going down along the back, the tail has grown and sprouted a giant trident barb at its end, and the wings have increased span and length.

Combat Edit

When players approach the dragon, it will awaken but remain stationary and begin bathing the area with its conical breath weapon, dragon_breath_long. This spell has a targeting range of 18 yards and an effective range almost half again as far. Combat mages' Grenade-type spells are able to bounce to their mark from beyond this range albeit very unreliably. Generally the only choice is to heal or drink your way through the dragon's attacks while mounting your own.

When players move adjacent to the dragon, it will divide its time between its breath weapon and a more concentrated spell, dragon_stomp.

The monster is a poor source of experience owing to its mountainous hitpoint total, which diffuses the experience gained for inflicting damage.

Description of Scorch Edit

Scorch is an ancient dragon that is encountered in Dragon's Rathe, near the end of the Cliffs of Fire. He has 20260 hit points and is the largest dragon in the game.

History Edit

Scorch is an ancient dragon that resides in Dragon's Rathe, a series of caves in the Cliffs of Fire. The dragon was used as a method of execution, where convicts would be armed, given gold, and sent to slay the dragon. The only man who "succeeded" had killed a whelp near the entrance and fled.

In Game Edit

The player will encounter Goquua who will give then the quest: "Slay the Ancient Dragon of Rathe". The player will eventually encounter the branching path to Dragon's Rathe shortly before the caves before Castle Ehb. Scorch is encountered asleep on a branching platform in the cave. When the player approaches, Scorch awakes and will attack. Once defeated the platform breaks off and Scorch falls to his death. The quest is completed and the player is then free to loot Dragon's Rathe.

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