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For the game series, see Dungeon Siege Series.

Dungeon Siege is a computer role-playing game developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Chris Taylor (from Total Annihilation) showed Dungeon Siege years in production for the first time at E3 2000. The game was released in 2002 and later bundled with the X800 line of video cards in 2005.

In November 2003, Gas Powered Games and Mad Doc Software developed an official standalone expansion pack for the game called Legends of Aranna. It includes the original game.


In the Kingdom of Ehb, a humble farmer's life is turned upside down when a small band of evil goblin-like creatures attack the community. The Krug, as they are known, must be stopped and the player's character is tasked with seeking help from the neighboring town of Stonebridge. Along the way, the player may meet others willing to help them in their quest. The player soon discovers, however, that their story does not end upon reaching Stonebridge.

The player participates in a quest to save the land of Ehb from the forces of evil. The player follows the main character from their humble beginnings as a farmer to their ultimate destiny as a powerful hero or heroine. As the game progresses, the main character may be joined by other adventurers, whom the player also controls. The background is based in a fantasy medieval world with geographic variety in open and closed environments (dungeons). The graphics are mildly detailed with environment changes.


According to the game's back-story, The Kingdom of Ehb is a border kingdom in the western edge of the continent of Aranna, next to the Plain of Tears. Originally a trading post on the outskirts of the Empire of Stars, Ehb later achieved temporary status as a military protectorate and province when the 10th Legion migrated westward.

In the wake of the War of Legions, and the ensuing collapse of the Empire of Stars, Ehb became an independent kingdom in its own right. Stability was achieved thanks to the protection provided by its fortifications and the 10th Legion — one of the most highly trained armies of Aranna.

Ehb presents a rich variety of terrain and people for players to interact with. Valleys, icy mountains, swamps, deserts, deep forests, cliffs and volcanoes adorn its layout. Its main inhabitants are Humans and Dwarves who live in harmony and acknowledge the same ruler. Players will also encounter the primitive Krug, the secretive Goblin technologists, the loathsome undead and the mysterious, though largely autonomous, Droog. The player's final objective is to defeat Gom, the leader of the Seck, a race of mysterious, spiteful monsters.


The gameplay is a mixture of pause-and-go tactical management and point-and-click action. The mechanic is highly similar to that of latter Ultima games (so much so that fans have recreated certain Ultima titles using the Dungeon Siege engine), and to a lesser degree, action RPGs like Diablo or early action role-playing games like Nox. The Dungeon Siege quest is highly linear, though with branches, and involves constant hack and slash battle, similar in some ways to platform and beat 'em up games.

The game uses a display engine that makes the entire experience seamless, with no load screens. The interface is completely scripted with a programming language called 'skrit' and the development of its expertise is called 'skrit-foo.' This scripting system allowed for many "siegelet" add-ons, which modified game play.

The party system is automated but efficient with basic formations, resources, and action-response. In addition to being able to recruit NPCs that function much like the player's own character, they're referred as companions, it is also possible to buy a Packmule to help carry more items as a member of the group. Players can recruit and disband party members, but must retain at least one party member at all times.

Dungeon Siege supports multiplayer cooperative gaming over LANs and the internet (direct TCP/IP connection, as well as ZoneMatch).



Combat equipment

Leveling up, classes, and customization


Playable Races

Although only male and female Humans are playable in single player, the multiplayer aspect of the game opened up a handful of new customization options, allowing you to play as two more races: a male Dwarf and a Skeleton, alas the expansion Legends of Aranna, released in 2003 would later add another two playable races.


Enemy leveling system


Graphics and interface

System requirements

  • Windows 98
  • 128mb RAM
  • 333 Mhz Processor
  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space
  • 8mb 3D Video Card
  • Directx 8.0
  • 56 kbps Modem for 1-4 players. Broadband/LAN for 5+ players.

Official add-ons

There's a standalone expansion pack created by Mad Doc Software and Gas Powered Games.

And also Gas Powered Games released two promotional maps labeled as "bonus packs" which continue the story:



For the official soundtrack, see Dungeon Siege: Official Soundtrack.

Dungeon Siege features an orchestral soundtrack by award-winning composer Jeremy Soule. Soule also scored Dungeon Siege II.


The game engine allows content creation and modification through a released toolkit. New content and modifications are called siegelets. There are many mods created by amateurs available for download on the internet, with features ranging from new graphics to completely new character development systems.



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