Dungeon Siege: The Battle for Aranna is a prequel comic strip based on the upcoming game Dungeon Siege II part of the Dungeon Siege video game series from Gas Powered Games, The Battle for Aranna was released on the eve of the Dungeon Siege II launch, it tells the thrilling story of two of Aranna's most influential legends, Zaramoth the Unmaker and Azunai. The magical River of Souls holds the energy used to make magic possible. The evil giant Zaramoth seeks to claim the River for himself. The brave human chieftain Azunai knows that the River's magic belongs to all of Aranna. When Zaramoth and Azunai finally meet on the battlefield, Aranna will be changed forever!

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Second Age. The story begins in the castle of Prince Valdis, who is tormented by nightmares. In them, he is seen with the Dark Magicians, who lead him to Zaramoth the Destroyer. He commands Valdis to appear before the Horns of Zaramoth and find his destiny ...

Sword of Zaramoth[edit | edit source]

First Age. The army of Zaramoth prepares for the siege of the Agallan fortress. One of his commanders opposes to carry out the order, for which the tyrant punishes the poor fellow with instant death. A massive battle begins before the walls of the stronghold, and the forces of the Destroyer win, approaching the gate itself. Zaramot turns to his minions, the Dark Magicians, so that they destroy the gate. To which the magicians reply that they are ready to fulfill his will, but they need time to recover. After the battle, they absorb the souls of the defeated soldiers.

Further, the action is transferred to the palace of the high council of the jotuns, who cautiously discuss the actions of Zaramoth. They agree that the tyrant must be deprived of support, removed from command of the army and sent into exile.

When Zaramot finds out about this, he becomes enraged. With eyes flaming with anger, he turns to the jotun lieutenants freed from his leadership, and, after a short speech, brutally deals with them with the help of his sword. After that, with the help of the portal opened by the Dark Mages, he moves to the palace of the high council of the jotuns and kills its members, giving his word that he will never stop until he destroys all representatives of his native race.

Returning to the battlefield, Zaramot orders the troops left without commanders to attack. Its mages destroy the gate, and the remaining defenders of the fortress fall under the onslaught of the Destroyer. Going inside, Zaramot discovers one of the exit points of the magical River of Souls, control over which he sought to seize.

Azunai's Shield[edit | edit source]

First Age. The action takes place during the reign of Zaramoth. A young warrior named Azunai speaks to his tribe, promising them to return the magic stolen by Zaramoth back to the people. Next, Azunai's youth is shown; a time when he, as a boy, played next to one of the unsealed sources of the River of Souls.

Zaramot receives a report about the impending uprising and decides, as a lesson to everyone else, to personally deal with the rebels.

Meanwhile, the army under the command of Azunai is gradually growing. It is adjoined by many clans from the west and north of Aranna, including elves and dwarves. In the last place, he decides to enlist the support of the race of giants Agallans that had gone to the mountains by that time. Their leader Elandir hated Zaramoth, but he could not push his people to resist him. But he saw magical power in Azunai and offered to create for him a powerful artifact - a shield that could withstand the sword of the Destroyer.

In the middle of a rocky wasteland, a meeting of two armies takes place. A major battle is under way, in which the Dark Mages are also taking part. In the midst of the battle, Zaramot finds Azunai and enters into battle with him. But as soon as his sword touches the shield, a powerful surge of energy occurs, and the entire battlefield is covered with an explosion of enormous power, in which all participants in the battle (except for the Dark Mages) die. The River of Souls overflows and diverges into many ley lines, making it possible for ordinary people to use its power.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Second Age. A slightly stronger prince Valdis comes to the Horns of Zaramoth. Sacrificing his people, he sneaks in and then disappears. Two days later, he leaves the fortress, noticeably increasing in height and holding the sword of Zaramoth in his hands. His soldiers do not recognize their ruler, who now has a new goal - to subdue Aranna to his will.

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