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Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony is a PSP game developed by SuperVillain Studios, released in October 2006.


The plot takes place after the final events of Dungeon Siege II and in about the same time period as Broken World.

The disastrous Second Cataclysm greatly changed the world of Aranna. Three heroes go sailing to the islands that lie in the northeast of the mainland in order to confront the new threat. Wild monsters attack the settlements of elves and humans, and a Black Druid is behind it.

During their journey, the heroes learn that the Druid was a representative of the evil wagar race, who are also guilty of local calamities. Vagars, in turn, serve a certain Madame Malit, who once was a leader of the Agallans, and now she is a fallen creature who captured the Throne of Agony. Ultimately, the heroes must find and defeat Malith, and also decide the fate of the throne of darkness.


  • Seahaven


Movement and Interaction

The player will move around levels wherever the analog control is pointing. The name of caves and settlements will be shown prior to entering. A minimap and an enlarged map can be toggled. Interaction is simplified to contextual button presses like gathering health and mana potions from bushes. Conversations with NPCs can be started while in a settlement level. Heroes will appear on a global map once an exit is found. Settlements and Teleports will be shown on the global map.


Instead of controlling the camera as in other games of the Dungeon Siege series before, the player controls the character directly using a single analog. Spells Skills and Powers will target on to enemies when facing them and melee is available on command. Health / Mana Potions can be set to an input for easy consumption with a maximum carrying capacity at the start of the game. Enemies are present throughout the level and can be seen on the minimap and enlarged map.

Leveling Up and Equipment

You level up and gain attribute points on your character menu gained by filling your experience bar defeating enemies and completing tasks for accepted quests. Enemies will often drop gold and an item bag to search through. These items can also be found in chests within the levels and are equipped through a menu covering different layers for clothes and attack types for weapons and rarity for both.

Skills and Powers

Skills and Runic Powers are special to each class without magic at the start. Many more can be gained and they can be set and changed within a menu.

Classes and Followers

The beginning of the game starts you off with a selection of one of three characters:

  • Allister - A Battle Mage of the Tenth Legion and the generic wizard class of the game. His goal is to save his beloved Cedara. Allister the Battle Mage "Trained as a Battle Mage by the legendary Tenth Legion, Allister is well versed in all forms of Combat Magic"
  • Mogrim - A semi-giant military leader who went on a journey in order to protect his people from extinction. Mogrim the Warlord "Mogrim possesses incredible size and strength as well as ancient Rune Powers passed down from unknown ancestors"
  • Serin - A dark elf with tracker skills. Trying to find out the origin of her tormenting visions. Serin the Shadow Stalker "Although Blind, Serin has mastered the use of special Vision Modes and can perform deadly attacks with dual weapons"

The player can select one follower for a party in single player and the cooperative game mode allows you to bring your companion to the host's game. Followers have their own stats and skill progression requirements.

  • Stone Golem / Lap Dragon - Can be chosen by Allister. Stone Golem is a very resistant melee attacker and will give Allister protection making up for his focus on magic. A Lap Dragon can attack enemies and automatically casts magic buffs on Allister and strengthens his luck. "Stone Golems are tough, resilient, and effective at intimidating enemies away from the rest of the party" "This tiny dragon can boost the party's luck and uses a breath weapon to damage groups of enemies"
  • Shaelyn / Fire Elemental - Can be chosen by Mogrim. Shaelyn and the Fire Elemental will make up for the range Mogrim lacks. Shaelyn is a strong magic ranged attacker and will allow Mogrim to gain experience faster while the Fire Elemental is has both melee and ranged attacks. "Although robbed of her clairvoyance by the Second Cataclysm, the elf Shaelyn retains strong magical powers and a wealth of knowledge that increases experience gain" "These powerful elementals often cause mayhem and mischief wherever they go. They excel in combat and can harness pure elemental energy to defeat their enemies"
  • Hooded Archer / War Hawk - Can be chosen by Serin. An archer will attack enemies out of range of melee. A hawk familiar will provide awareness when adventuring. "A man with a mysterious past, the Hooded Archer deals extreme ranged damage and uses his skills to enhance party abilities" "War Hawks are trained to act as alert spotters, enhancing the accuracy of ranged weapons while also helping to warn of enemy attacks"


  • Fire - Allister starts with this by default.

Death and unconsciousness


  • Each character, as the levels grow, can choose one of eight available subclasses, and near the end of the game get a legendary class.
  • You can choose a partner - a special character who will travel with the player.
  • The ability to play in multiplayer: cooperative passing or battle in the arena.
  • Many new monsters, as well as opponents familiar from previous games.
  • About 15 hours of gameplay and 2 difficulties: Mercenary and Elite.
  • Over 100 unique spells and abilities.
  • A large number of weapons, armor and other items. Unique items can be exchanged between Throne of Agony and Broken World through the Fedvirra and Klars community.



Enemy leveling system


Graphics and interface


The console-based Dungeon Siege series was planned by Gas Powered Games back in 2003 called Dungeon Siege X. It was originally planned for the Xbox and was supposed to be released simultaneously with Dungeon Siege II, but work on the project slowed down and ultimately it was canceled In 2006. Gas Powered ended the contract with Microsoft Game Studios and then transferred the rights to publisher 2K Games. With their support the project regained its life and soon SuperVillain took up the game. The game was released on the PSP a little later than the addition of Dungeon Siege II: Broken World and was called Throne of Agony.


Throne of Agony featured a small handful of songs from the previous entries in the game series (Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II most notably), neither remixing nor remaking them.



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