Anjali, wearing a unique set of tier 3 equipment.

In Dungeon Siege III, there are few types of equipment, differ by type, character, color and quality. There are 9 slots at the inventory for each character, with one item per slot limit. 2 types of item slots – Ring and Amulet – are shared, and the rest 7 are unique for each character:

Anjali: Boots; Bracer; Breastplate; Helmet; Fire Yantra; Radiant Yantra; Staff.

Katarina: Clasp; Corset; Gloves; Leggings; Pistol; Rifle; Shotgun.

Lucas: Cuirass; Greatsword; Greaves; Longsword; Pauldrons; Shield; Vambraces.

Reinhart: Belt; Circlet; Cynosure; Gauntlet; Pants; Robes; Shoes.

Items in general are differ in colors and quality:

White –general low quality items, with low stats and absolutely no chance for unique characteristics (such as Chaos).

Green – better quality than white, with higher stats and some chance for unique characteristics (but the numbers would be rather low and it can only be one unique characteristic per Green item).

Blue – rare items, good quality, high enough stats and a good chance for unique characteristics – also, there’s a good chance there’d be two of those.

Orange – legendary items of highest quality. Usually have a specific requirements for being obtained.

Items in Dungeon Siege III can be obtained either at the merchant stores, as a reward for a quest or as a random (or not quite) drop from enemies and bosses.

Note: There's also a price limit for all items. Even the most potent orange artefacts that can be bought from merchants, cannot exceed the cost of 36,000 gold pieces.

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