Futak the Trainer is a miniboss Krug Grunt encountered in Dungeon Siege.

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Futak the Trainer can be seen as one of the Krug leaders in the assault on Stonebridge, the other one being Huskar the Shaman.

Futak the Trainer is equiped with a Hack and Krohars Buckler. It is likely that Krohars Buckler was picked up from a farmer that he killed in a raid, or stolen from the town of Stonebridge during the previous night's fight.

Futak the Trainer is essentially a boss Krug. While by himself he does not pose a significant threat, his strongest asset is the numerous Krug surrounding him that can overwhelm the player with numbers. Area effect spells are useful in this battle.

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  • Futak the Trainer's name is likely a reference to the fact that he "trains" the fighting wing of the Krug Society. This is further backed up by the unusually large number of Krug surrounding him.
  • Futak the Trainer drops a useful shield for melee based players: Krohars Buckler. This is a unique drop.
  • Futak's skin appears to be a combination of both the Scout and the Scavenger. This is probably because he has to associate with all levels of the society.


Futak The Trainer

Futak the Trainer

  • Futak does not always appear to be wielding Krohars Buckler. However this does not affect the drop rate or his fighting ability.
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