Greilyn Beach

Morden landing site at Greilyn Beach

Greilyn Beach lies on the western shore of Greilyn Isle, and is the location of the ancient Elven shrine known as the Temple of the Coast.

It serves as the tutorial area in Dungeon Siege II.

History Edit

Dungeon Siege II Edit

When Valdis launched his invasion of Greilyn Isle, Greilyn Beach was the epicenter of the conflict. The Morden vanguard constructed trenches from their beachhead, up to the Temple of the Coast itself, as part of Valdis' plan to quickly move inland and steal the Aegis of Life from within the Temple.

Among the mercenaries present at this battle were the Elf, Drevin, and his best friend. After disembarking from their landing pod, the duo fought their way through the Dryad forces, and to the Temple of the Coast. Along the way, Drevin began to feel uneasy, and gave his friend an ancient medallion that he wore around his neck. Drevin's bad feeling proved to be founded when Valdis betrayed them after claiming the Aegis, slaying the young Elf.