The Northern Greilyn Jungle

Greilyn Isle (or Greilyn) is a large, tropical island located in the Sea of Mists, which stretches from the Plain of Tears in the east, to the kingdom of Ehb in the west. Covered in thick jungle, Greilyn is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including the Dryads and the Hak'u. Ancient ruins on the island point to a now extinct race of Elves (known as the Sea-Elves) that lived in the area before the First Cataclysm. The Temple of the Coast and the Elven Shrine are two such ruins.

Hidden within the canopy of the central jungle lies Eirulan, the city of the Dryads. The city was built to escape the increasingly dangerous wildlife on the ground, as well as to protect the nearby Temple of the Coast. A massive waterfall, known as Greilyn Falls, is located beside the city.

In the mountains southeast of Eirulan lies the extensive Kithraya Caverns, which houses a vast hive of insects. The Dryads have many uses for these creatures, using their meat as food and their carapaces as crafting material. On the far side of the caverns is a portal that leads to the Azunite Desert on the mainland.

History[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Siege II[edit | edit source]

Using knowledge gathered by his spies, Valdis invaded Greilyn Isle with his Morden armies, and was able to steal the Aegis of Life from within the Temple of the Coast. Many Dryads died in the ensuing conflict, but a mercenary, who had helped Valdis to besiege the island, went on to help the Dryads drive the tyrant's forces out. This mercenary also defeated a Hak'u Usurper who had allied with Valdis, allowing the more peaceful Hak'u High Priest to reclaim his place of leadership.

Valdis's invasion heralded the arrival of the plague on Greilyn Isle as well, which quickly spread, turning normally benign creatures into savage monsters, and already vicious beasts even more dangerous. Infected Dryads were sent to an exile colony in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle in an attempt to stop it from spreading. Taar attempted to save them using healing water from the Elven Shrine, but they had changed only moments before her arrival.

Broken World[edit | edit source]

Greilyn Isle was swallowed by the sea following the Second Cataclysm, drowning hundreds in the chaos. The surviving natives were left completely homeless by the disaster, and were forced to flee to mainland Aranna, where they set up the Dryad Outpost.

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