are one of the sentient races that can be found all over Aranna.


Like their name would suggest, Half-Giants are tall, broad and heavy. Each Half-Giant has unique body markings that mystify most non-Half-Giant observers. Their skin can be practically any colour or tone and many have horns and other bony protuberances growing on their heads.


In general, Half-Giants are peaceful and friendly, though nearly all exude an air of melancholy that can sometimes alienate their peers. They are slow to anger, even in the face of blatant racism and tend to only get upset if goaded or if Elandir is mentioned. Even in the presence of hated enemies, Half-Giants usually stay completely calm.

They are reserved, especially when questioned about their races past but are prized by their communities for being such dilligent and efficient workers. Most Half-Giants though, can usually be found working as soldiers due to their natural strength and toughness.


Over two millennia ago, a group of Agallan giants left their people to join the Utgard in their wars of conquest. These Agallans were declared renegades for joining with their races old enemies and were cast out of Agallan society, forbade to ever return. Their extremely long lifespans were taken from them (and their impressive stature was reduced) so, to ensure the succession of their respective bloodlines the outcasts had to start having children.

Unfortunately for these renegades, no female Agallans had left with them and, since they could not return to their people they were forced to breed with other races. For some reason (likely a mystical connection with the fact that there were no cursed females), every Agallan child sired by one of these renegades was born male, therefore every future generation also had to breed with non-Agallans. Over the centuries their blood became more and more diluted and created the half-giants encountered today, much shorter than even their reduced ancestors but still large in the eyes of humans, elves and dryads.

There is a very small and continually dwindling community of 9 foot tall Half-Giants living on the Island of Utrae who believe that they are the last of their race. They call themselves the 'Children of the Mountain' but obviously do not understand the meaning of that honourific. They do not know how or why they came to be on the island.