Lazar Bassili wants to reopen the old Heroes' Crypt, so that pilgrims and commerce will return to the valley. Unfortunately, the Crypt has been sealed for almost thirty years.

Heroes of Old is an optional quest in Dungeon Siege III.

Acquiring the QuestEdit

After they defeat the archon Rajani, the legionnaires are instructed by Odo to make their way to Stonebridge through the Eastern Swamp. Lazar Bassili is waiting for them at the end of the bridge leading away from the Rukkenvahl Chapterhouse. A conversation with him automatically begins, during which he seeks the legionnaires' help. He informs them that the revenue brought in by pilgrims to the crypt would help Raven's Rill survive the coming winter.


  • Open the Crypt
    • Use the two signet rings to open the gate of the Heroes' Crypt.
  • Find the Ghost that Haunts the Crypt
    • The Heroes' Crypt appears to be haunted by a ghostly presence. Find its source, and remove it from the crypt.
  • Defeat Drakomir
    • You found the evil spirit that haunts the crypt - an undead giant named Drakomir. Until he is slain, the crypt will not be safe.
  • Exit the Crypt
    • You defeated Drakomir and sent his spirit back to the River of Souls. The Heroes' Crypt is now safe. Bring the good news to Lazar Bassili.


Treasures of the CryptEdit

The Heroes' Crypt is the final resting place of Lady Montbarron and her companions, and therefore has several rare and epic items available to those who do not mind a little grave robbing.


  • Groundskeeper's Journal
  • Old and Faded Parchment
  • The Heroes' Crypt: Part I
  • The Heroes' Crypt: Part II

Other InformationEdit

When the legionnaires arrive at the crypt they encounter Maximilien, a scholar who has a fascination with the crypt. If the legionnaires tell him they are going in, he will ask to accompany them; however, he will get cold feet after the doors to the crypt are opened. Instead he asks the legionnaires if they would be willing to recover some artifacts for him. Accepting this starts the quest Relics of Another Age.