The Krug Apprentice is a type of Krug in Dungeon Siege.


Krug Apprentices form a leadership aspect of the Krug Society, although they are minor section of leadership as they are weaker in comparison to Krug Shamans in both strength and hitpoints.

Krug Apprentices are dressed exactly the same way as Krug Shaman, unlike their subordinates, they wear a green cloak which helps the player easily identify them as the magic user of the group. Krug Apprentices are also stand further upright than the other Krug who all have a slightly hunched appearance.

Krug Apprentices are by far the slowest Krug in the Krug Society, slower even than Scavengers. As such, retreat is not worthwhile thing for Apprentices because it usually opens them up for a quick slaughter.


The Krug Apprentice is equiped with the the spells Zap and Resurrect. They use Zap to attack enemies and will often use the Resurrect to bring back dead allies. However, they only ever come back with half of their health. If the Krug Apprentice gets too close to the player, they will switch to melee and bash their fists against the player. This attack is quite deadly to poorly armoured players.

The easiest way to deal with Krug Apprentices is to kill them off first before dealing with other Krug. Killing the Krug that surround you will only serve to help the Krug Apprentice by letting him ressurect the dead soldiers. Since enemies in Dungeon Siege do the same amount of damage regardless of their remaining health, it is very easy for a weakend enemy to pick you off from behind.


Krug Apprentice
  • Krug Apprentices are only able to resurrect Krug Scouts, Scavengers, Grunts, Chuckers and Raiders. They cannot ressurect other dead Apprentices, Krug Shaman or Commanders. This is likely a balancing issue.
  • Interestingly, the Krug Apprentice can also be forced into Melee combat by extended fighting. Krug Apprentices have a limited mana and it returns quite slowly. When the Krug Apprentice runs out of Mana, he will either engage in melee attack or will *run* away to get recharge his mana.


  • When retreating, the game will tell the Krug Apprentice where to walk too, a predetermined distance from the player. While the Krug Apprentice is retreating, he will ignore all attacks to himself and those around him from the player.
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