The Krug Grunt is a type of common Krug in Dungeon Siege.


Krug Grunts form the backbone of the Krug Society. They are by far the most-encountered Krug in Dungeon Siege (Slightly over Krug Scouts who do not appear after Stonebridge). Most Krug structures, such as tents, wagons and cages, appear when Krug Grunts are around so it is likely that they are the most common Krug. Krug Grunts are also usually acompanied by Krug Chuckers or Krug Shaman. Krug Apprentices usually appear around Scouts.

Like most other Krug, Krug Grunts stand upright with a tiny hunch in their walk. They have lightish brown skin and wear some sort of minor armour that barely protects their chests and shoulders.


Grunts always attack in numbers and are typically armed with brittle but sharp weapons such as hacks and chucks. Although alone they do not pack much of a punch, they can very easily overwhelm a player with numbers.

In the Dungeon Siege Ehb campaign, Krug Grunts follow the "Pack" AI. Although differing little from normal enemies, it is highly likely that if you attack one Grunt, it quickly alerts nearby grunts who will come and aid the Grunt being attacked. This does not alert Shaman, Chuckers or Scouts.

Krug Grunts do not move nearly as fast as Krug Scouts. So the easiest way to kill them is by taking them out with either a bow or magic. Magic that can deal area effect damage (Such as the spell "Bomb") is also highly effective as it allows you to take out multiple enemies at once.


Krug Grunt
  • The term "Grunt" is usually referred to as being of a mass group (So easily replaceable) and being an underling. Since Krug Guards and Krug Raiders exist, it is likely that Grunts are the on the lower tier of fighting.
  • On the journey to Stonebridge, when you are helping the farmer clear out his basement, there are two dead Krug Grunts on the floor of his house. This is unusual as there are no Krug Grunts anywere else until after the Crypt. However it is likely that they were actually Krug Scouts.
  • There are also a few dead grunts found under the destroyed bridge to Stonebridge. It's likely that the grunts were responsible for the initial attack on the farmlands, and by the time the hero took action, only scouts and scavengers remained, hunting for weapons and supplies. The Krug who destroyed the bridge were among the last to be leaving the farmlands, headed for stonebridge, and likely were too unintelligent to realize they should burn the bridge after they use it rather than before, hence their rather humiliating death.
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