The Krug Scavenger is a type of Krug enemy in Dungeon Siege.


Krug Scavengers are a Krug class that you find early in the game. They usually have weak, improvised weaponry, such as Chair Legs, Branches, Bone Clubs, & Cudgels. They also may carry very basic, weak tools, such as Rock Clubs, Spiked Clubs, Hatchets, & Rusty Daggers.

Krug Scavengers are the lowest of an already-low race. They are, in fact, the very first enemies that the player will encounter and as such, are basically the weakest enemies in the game.


Being scavengers, Krug Scavengers are given no weapons to begin with and must pick up tools from previous fights. They will always be seen holding the following:

Bear in mind that these weapons are incredibly weak as well and the player would probably be better off saving them just as sellable loot.


Krug Scavenger

A Krug Scavenger with a Torch

  • Despite being sent into battle with no weapons, Krug Scavengers are never seen without weapons, however this is probably because they are slowly destroying the farmlands and the players farm was last, giving them ample time to find any sort of weapon.
  • The Krug Scavenger bears similarities to the Krug Scout, the difference being much slower movement, weaker attacks and dark grey skin.
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