The Krug Scout is a type of Krug in Dungeon Siege.


Also referred-to as a "Grouse," a Krug Scout is a weak, wide-ranging Krug. They are slightly stronger than Krug Scavengers, but move much faster than any other Krug; in fact, they are the only representative of this species that moves with a purposeful, running gait.

As fellow clingers to the bottom rung of Krug society, scouts are often found in the same general area of scavengers, and are often seen doing exactly what the scavengers are doing: trying to find food and items to steal.

Krug scouts have a light-brown skin tone which distinguishes them clearly from the dark-grey scavengers. They are equipped with Blunt Daggers.


Krug Scouts are only ever seen using Blunt Daggers when engaging enemies. When they die, however, it is not always dropped.

Krug scout

A Krug Scout wielding the generic Blunt Dagger


  • After first encountering Krug Scouts, one will eventually see Krug Dogs acompanying them. This may be so because the Krug Scout uses the Krug Dog to "sniff" out enemies.
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