The Krug Shaman is a type of Krug in Dungeon Siege.


Krug Shaman form one third of the leader section of the Krug Society. They appear exactly the same as Krug Apprentices, although the major difference is the increase in health and the different attacks. Krug Commanders form the other third although it is highly likely that Commanders rule over Shaman and Apprentices.

Krug Shaman move slightly slower than Krug scavenger however their higher health compensates for this.


Unlike Krug Apprentices, Krug Shaman only have one magic based attack.They attack with the spell Fireshot and do more damage upon impact than Krug Apprentice. However it is incredibly inaccurate against a moving opponent. A fast moving player will find it easy to dodge the fireballs and land key hits upon the Shaman. Melee based players should dodge the fireballs as they close in.

Like Krug Apprentices, Krug Shaman will change to melee fighting when an enemy gets too close. They will also sometimes retreat if their health gets too low. Though it has been sighted that they sometimes appear to get "bored" of a fight and simply walk off. Krug Shamen do far more melee damage than Krug Apprentices. However, a well equipped melee fighter should have minimal trouble dealing with them.

Krug Shaman are also equipped with the spell "Resurrect" which allows them to bring back dead comrades (Not as common as Krug Apprentices) to half their health. Dealing with the reborn Krug is the easiest way to keep your health in check.


Krug Apprentice
  • The name "Krug Shaman" is likely derived from the fact that they practise combat magic. A player who uses nature magic/ranged attacks for long enough will also eventually get this title beside their name in the inventory screen.
  • It is possible, but not easily proven, that Krug Shaman are above Krug Apprentices in the leader ranking system, quite simply because they are stronger and can be more deadly when fighting correctly.
  • Krug Shaman were originally going to use the spell "Leech Life." however it proved too difficult and unbalanced as there was no way for the player to prevent it, causing them to lose mass health and make the Shaman incredibly powerful.


  • Krug Shaman have been sighted to get "bored" of a battle and walk off for no reason, even if they still have ample health, mana and are not engaged in melee fighting. It is likely a glitch in the script that controls their retreat.
  • When fleeing from a fight after taking too much damage, a Krug Shaman will ignore all attacks around him, essentially allowing him to stabbed or shot in the back, making a quick kill.
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