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The overworld map of Dungeon Siege II

For the locations in the Dungeon Siege II expansion, see Locations (Broken World).

Locations are varied and may be hidden.

Each location should be reached on foot. Also, teleports have been added in Dungeon Siege II. Once a teleport has been reached, player can easily access its location via the portal network. There are three major portal networks, one for each Act, with one of major cities (Eirulan, Aman'lu, Kalrathia) as nexus (this means, if, for example, you wish to teleport from Darthrul (Act III location) to the Temple of Xeria (Act I location), you'll need to teleport to Eirulan first, and only from there you can teleport to the Temple). Note that player can only access the city portal with an Activation Stone (counts as a Plot Item and can be reviewed accordingly) - each Activation Stone is given to the player at the beginning of an Act.


Major cities[]

Map locations[]


Main article: Landmarks (Dungeon Siege II)

Landmarks are usually geographic points of interest, such as a mountain peaks, gardens, cemeteries, or bridges. In Dungeon Siege II, most have a teleport nearby. Once the player reaches the teleport, that location becomes available through the portal network. Up until then, the landmarks can only be reached by foot.


Towns in Dungeon Siege II are places that're almost like major cities, except they do not provide any sevices, such as taverns and shops. Infact, these locations are warzones that have lots of enemies within them, and only few, if any, friendly NPCs. Also, those are the places to start/continue both side and main quests.

Taverns/Pet Shops[]

In Dungeon Siege II, tavern is a place where you can operate with your companions to form a party. Taverns can be found in major cities only, so there are only three of them in total. Each tavern has a Keeper (who has an icon resembling a candle floating above their head). Interaction with the Keeper allows the player not only to choose from the list of companions who joined them (doing so is free and cost the player nothing), but also to increase the party number for a fee (up to six on the "Elite" difficulty, pets included). Also, those companions the player meet in their adventures - and choose not to take with them at first - move themselves to the tavern of each respective city (for example, Vix, who you first meet at Greilyn Jungle during Act I, will move to Eirulan, while Evangeline (Act II) will go to Aman'lu). The tavern may also be a place to start or continue a number of side quests.

Stables in Dungeon Siege II have been replaced by Pet Shops. There are three (one for each city) Pet Shops, whose owners (they have an icon resembling a packmule head above them) can offer a variety of pets to the player. Each pet has a specific set of abilities. Two out of three Pet Shop owners can offer the player one extra pet, and you'll need to complete the side quest to make that pet available (that goes for a Dire Wolf and a Mythrilhorn). There's also one pet that cannot be obtained at the Pet Shop: Light Naiad can only be bought from Daesthai after you complete "The Aman'lu Arena" side quest.

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