Mheagan is a partymember in Legends of Aranna.

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Archer[edit | edit source]

Mheagan, an archer, is the seventh companion encountered. She is an orphaned human in the care of the Half-Giant traders, on the eastern edge of the Fen of the Frozen.

Despite being fully specialized in Ranged skill, Mheagan seems to have a fondness for collecting random Nature spell scrolls that she is unable to use. If recruiting her, the traders' inventories are at hand, so make sure to upgrade her bow and get her some armor pieces.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mheagan and her sister, Jaelyan, were the children of Human merchants. However, their parents, along with everyone but them, were slain in an ambush when they were very young. Half-Giant tradesman found them, and raised them as their own, and the two sisters traveled with the nomads from there on. At some point, they left mainland Aranna for the Island of the Utraeans.

When Najj the Half-Giant returned to his people alongside the Hero of Arhok and the rest of their group, Mheagan offered her archery skills on their quest to stop the Shadowjumper, as she had grown tired of life as a trader. She joined them, hoping that they'd one day find their way back to the mainland.

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