The quest system in Dungeon Siege is represented by a series of simple, often linear tasks that cannot be failed. Almost all tasks are given out by various game characters during a dialogue with them. The main quest does not stand out and is a series of the same tasks, passing from act to act.

All tasks are in the journal, their small description and dialogues related to them are also contained there.

Kingdom of Ehb[edit | edit source]

Quest Description Walkthrough Reward

Chapter 1: Stonebridge[edit | edit source]

Clear Edgaar's Basement Clear the Krug from Edgaar's Basement, and gather supplies for the journey to Stonebridge. Entering the last cabin of the farmlands before the forest surrounding the Crypt, the hero discovers Edgaar, a farmer whose basement has invaded by Krug. You need to go down to the basement, the entrance to which is to the left of the house, and kill all the enemies inside.

Important: in the basement there is an elevator that activates when a player picks up a mana potion on a platform grid.

One small potion of mana and health. You can also profit from what is left in the basement.
Seek Gyorn in Stonebridge
  • Seek Norick's friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge.
  • Seek Norick's friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge by using the old path through the Crypts.
The first quest that appears in the character’s journal at the start of the game. The dying Norick asks the player to find his old friend Gyorn, who lives in Stonebridge. Due to a destroyed bridge, the hero will have to overcome the old crypts, as well as destroy a Krug force that is laying siege to the southern part of the city. The opportunity to take Gyorn to your team.

Chapter 2: Journey to the Overseer[edit | edit source]

Ordus' Axe Secure Ordus' Axe from the Northern guard tower. Ordus is a man who stands near the smoldering ruins behind the Black Hammer Forge in Stonebridge. He will tell the hero that he was on duty at the North Watchtower in the Highlands of Stonebridge during the attack of the Krug and, when retreating, he left his ax in its underground part. You just need to find and pick up his weapon (no need to return). The tower is located right before Glitterdelve Pass and Wesrin Cross. Ordus' Axe (Fast attack speed, 16 to 20 damage, +1 to Melee Skill)
Rescue Torg Rescue Gloern's brother Torg from within the Dwarven mines. It is issued in the village of Glitterdelve during a conversation with Gloern. The dwarf will ask to find his brother Torg, who got lost in the mines. Torg located almost at the very end of the mines, at the lower level, where several lifts lead. The desired elevator will be the second in a row, if you go towards the exit. Goldsniffer's Amulet (+2 to Dexterity)
Deliver Gyorn's Report Deliver Gyorn's report to the Overseer in Glacern. Gyorn asks the character to deliver his report to the manager in the city of Glacern. For this, the hero needs to overcome an incredible path through an underground fortress, mines and snowy cliffs.
Clear Glitterdelve Pass
  • Clear the way to Glitterdelve for the Stonebridge militia.
  • Attempt to open Glitterdelve Pass by way of Wesrin Cross.
The quest will appear at the moment when the player tries to open the gate of Glitterdelve. To complete the task, you must first get to the other side through the dungeons of Wesrin Cross, and then destroy the debris that impedes the opening of the gates, exploding the barrels that the dwarves prepared in advance.
A Sister's Message Deliver Ella's message to her sister Ada in Glacern. On the second floor of the Etan's Roost Tavern in Stonebridge, you need to speak with Ella Riverstarn. She will ask you to deliver a message to her sister, Ada, who lives in Glacern, in the northernmost house. Lloyd's Ring (+3 to Armor)
Report Torg's Findings Report Torg's findings to the Overseer in Glacern. After talking with Torg, the hero receives information from him about the attacks of the Krug, which needs to be delivered to Overseer in the city of Glacern.

Chapter 3: The Search for Merik[edit | edit source]

Book Return Find the first two volumes in the Fedwyrr's Way trilogy. In the central building of Glacern (the magic shop), to the right of the Resurrection statue stands apprentice Ardun. Talk to him, the player will get the task: to find the first two volumes of the Fedwyrr's Way trilogy, which Ardun gave to his friends, but it is not known to whom exactly. Book Location:
  •     The first book is issued by the apprentice himself. Without it, other characters will not return books.
  •     The next volume is located at Elio, whose house is located behind the central building, next to the mule farm.
  •     The last book is from a legionnaire archer, who stands in the southern watchtower, where a lift leads.
200 gold.
Quest for Merik
  • Find Merik the Grand Mage.
  • Find Merik the Grand Mage in the Ice Caves north of Glacern.
Overseer Ibsen Yamas issues it after the hero delivers a report to him. The magician Merik is located almost at the very end of the Ice Caves, he is imprisoned in a magical crystal block, which the hero must destroy. The opportunity to take Merik to your team.
Reinforce Fortress Kroth See Chapter 5.
Homeless Blacksmith Secure Orlov's cabin and cellar in the wilderness north of Glacern. In the forge of Glacern, the hero meets a man named Orlov. The latter will talk about how terrible monsters captured his cozy house, and he was forced to flee. Orlov will ask to destroy all the monsters in his house and basement. The house itself is located north of the city, after a small bridge you need to go a little further and turn left. A large chest with valuables in the basement of the house.

Chapter 4: The Warding Staff[edit | edit source]

Confront the Bandit Boss Confront the Bandit Boss to protect the Traveler's camp. In one of the tents in the camp of travelers in the Dark Forest, you need to talk with a man named Razvan. He tells that he heard about our hero and his military talent, and therefore asks for a favor: to kill the leader of the local bandits who threaten travelers. The robbers themselves are already closer to the swamps, and their leader is in a cave with various valuable things and goods. The cave can be found by turning from the main road to the right, torches indicate the path. Nice loot from the leader. You can also, after inspecting the cave, find other useful things.
Merik's Staff Retreive[sic] Merik's warding staff. At the very end of the underground goblin workshops, the player will be forced to fight one of the bosses - the Goblin Inventor and his robotic battlesuit. After defeating him, the staff's holding cage nearby will open and you can pick it up. Found the staff of Merik.
Purify the Temple
  • Destroy the temple Guardian.
  • Place the holy icon on the Temple altar
On the way to the Eastern swamp, the player will meet a dying Azunite scholar. He only had enough strength to ask the hero to clear the only holy place in the middle of the swamp - the Azunite church. This can be done by placing the Azunite icon on the temple’s altar, which the scientist will give the player before his death. The temple and the adjacent cemetery can be found almost in the middle of the swamps, if you do not go out of the way. To place the icon, you must first destroy the guard - a unique zombie that is inside the temple.

Chapter 5: An Ancient Evil[edit | edit source]

Reinforce Fortress Kroth
  • Travel through the Ice Caves to reinforce the Legionnaires at Fortress Kroth.
  • Defeat the necromancer besieging Fortress Kroth.
After talking with the Overseer in Glacern, the hero will be instructed to go to Fortress Kroth and provide assistance to the garrison there. The path ahead is very long. This task will be active for the next two chapters and it will be possible to complete it only in the fifth chapter, where the quest itself will be changed when the hero talks to the legionnaire guard at the exit from the goblin dungeons. The main task is to destroy the necromancer Gresh, who besieges Fortress Kroth with the help of his raised undead army.
Missing Treasure Hunters
  • Find out what became of Thayne's customers, and report your findings to Gregor.
  • Report the demise of the treasure hunters to Gregor for a reward.
Having reached one of the houses located in the wooded surroundings of the ruins of an ancient temple, the hero can have a conversation with Gregor. He will ask to find a group of treasure seekers who should have returned a long time ago, but have been stocked somewhere. To find the missing people, you need to go down to the semi-flooded basement, the entrance to which can be found a little to the west of the most extreme empty hut. Or go down to the basement of this same hut and break the wall inside. After finding the group you need to return to Gregor for the award. 35000 gold

Chapter 6: Unwise Alliance[edit | edit source]

Subdue the Droog Subdue the Droog Leadership in their village beyond the desert to the east. Fortress Kroth's commander, Captain Tarish, will inform the hero that the Droog are helping the Seck. This union must be broken, while destroying most of the hostile Droog. You need to climb into their village, which is located in the Cliffs of Fire and enter the main building, where their chief Nonataya is located.

Chapter 7: King and Castle[edit | edit source]

Search for the King Find the King and secure Castle Ehb from the Seck. Having met Lord Bolingar in the vicinity of Castle Ehb, the hero receives a task - to find King Konreid. The monarch is in a small underground chamber, in the castle's dungeons. To get to it, it is necessary to overcome a very long way through the entire castle, destroying the hordes of opponents, and then go down the elevator into the dungeon.
Journey to Castle Ehb Journey to Castle Ehb to prevent the Seck from capturing the secret chamber. After talking with Nonataya, the player receives a task to get to Castle Ehb and inform the king about the impending danger. The quest will be completed as soon as the player reaches the bridge leading to the fortress.
Slay the Ancient Dragon of Rathe Slay the Ancient Dragon before the Seck can free him from Dragon's Rathe. At the exit from the Droog village, the player will meet a local resident named Goquua, who calls himself a crusader. He bravely protects the settlement from drakes, but warns that the ancient dragon lives here, whom the Seck want to use to destroy the Droog for failing. The hero's task is to destroy this huge fire-breathing creature, the cave of which is located almost next to the village. Important: the dragon Scorch has about 20,000 health points and has powerful attacks, so you need to prepare well. The whole cave of solid chests and things that the dragon guarded.

Chapter 8: The Chamber of Stars[edit | edit source]

Vanquish the Seck See Chapter 9.
The Chamber of Stars Retrieve artifacts from the Chamber of Stars. During the conversation, the king gives the hero the Star Key, a key to a legendary room, which stores the most valuable and powerful artifacts of the kingdom. Making his way deeper into the dungeons of the castle, the player discovers a gigantic cave with narrow paths on bridges. On one of the bridges you place the Star Key on a pressure pad, which unlocks the previously obtained key. In the room itself, you need to deploy all four statues with bowls towards the giant mechanism to obtain the chests. A huge number of rare and unique things.

Chapter 9: Dungeon Siege[edit | edit source]

Vanquish the Seck
  • Find and destroy the remaining Seck before they can free Gom.
  • Destroy the Seck Leader Gom.
The final quest, which will open in chapter 8, but will be transferred to the last when leaving the Chamber of Stars. You need to go through a gauntlet with evil spirits, lava-flooded dungeons, mysterious ruins and strange bone bridges. In the end, the hero needs to kill the leader of the Seck, who is at the same time the personification of the main evil in the game: Gom.

Utraean Peninsula[edit | edit source]

Quest Description Walkthrough Reward
Travel to Crystwind Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean Priest Sarden in the town of Crystwind.
Travel to Elddim Speak with Utraean Priestess Kelti in Elddim.
Travel to Fallraen Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean Apprentice Flessan in the town of Fallraen.
Travel to Grescal Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean Priestess Kylira in the town of Grescal.
Travel to Hiroth Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean High Priest Kavaren in the town of Hiroth.
Journey to Hiroth Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean High Priest Kavaren in the town of Hiroth.
Travel to Lang Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean Priestess Janeira in the town of Lang.
Travel to Meren Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean Priest Tas in the town of Meren.
Travel to Quillrabe Show the Utraean Signet Ring to Utraean Priest Ferdl in the town of Quillrabe.
Crystwind Townstone
  • Speak to the townspeople of Crystwind about the Crystwind Hammer Stone.
  • Return to Priest Sarden in the town of Crystwind.
Random boots
Elddim Townstone
  • Find the Elddim Sunrise Stone in the Ancient Crypt to the east of Elddim.
  • Return to Priestess Kelti in the town of Elddim.
Signet Ring of the Utraean Protectors (+3 to Armor)
Fallraen Townstone
  • Find Utraean Priest Lagreth and the Fallraen Snowflake Stone to the North.
  • Return to Apprentice Flessan.
Random two-handed melee weapon
Fallraen Barracks Investigate the Fallraen Barracks south of Fallraen and kill any creatures found inside. 3000 gold
Flooded Sanctuary Aid the Sanctuary Keeper by clearing the Flooded Sanctuary of creatures. Elder Wood Amulet (Adds 3 mana per hit)
Grescal Townstone
  • Find the Grescal Palm Stone in the Ancient Ruins to the Northeast
  • Return to Priestess Kylira.
Battle Plate (reward may vary)
Meren Townstone
  • Find the Meren Fish Stone in the Temple of the Stars in the Cloud Forest to the South.
  • Return to Priest Tas.
Quillrabe Townstone
  • Find the Quillrabe Mask Stone in the Dragon Catacombs south of town.
  • Return to Priest Ferdl.
Random ring
The Utraean Circle
  • Gather all of the eight Townstones, representing all of the towns of the Circle, and bring them to Utraean High Priest Kavaren in Hiroth.
  • Place each Townstone on its corresponding dais in the Utraean Circle on the north edge of the town.
  • Return to Utraean High Priest Kavaren.
  • Destroy the Maljin by placing the Legion's Tenstone in the inner sanctum of the Utraean Circle dungeon. Return to High Priest Kavaren when they are defeated.
Utraean Helm (37 Defense, Adds 1 to Intelligence, +3 to Armor, Adds 3 Mana per hit, +2 to Dexterity)
The Diamond Runestone
  • Find the Diamond Runestone in the ruins near the town of Crystwind.
  • Bring the Diamond Runestone to Trella Lauron in the town of Crystwind for a reward.
Crystwind Stone
Hovart's Folly
  • Talk to the Guard Captain at the eastern road near the H.U.B. platform.
  • Find the Gavel of Convening in the Ancient Crypt to the east.
  • Take the Gavel of Convening into the underground stronghold known as Hovart's Folly.
  • Destroy Lord Hovart and his undead minions.
  • Give the Gavel of Convening to the Guard Captain of Crystwind and inform him that Lord Hovart is dead.
500 gold

Legends of Aranna[edit | edit source]

Quest Description Walkthrough Reward
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