The scholar, Maximilien, is seeking three relics from the Heroes' Crypt: the Skull of Norick, the Sword of Bolingar, and Merik's Staff. He has offered a reward for each relic that you find and bring to him.

Relics of Another Age is an optional quest in Dungeon Siege III.

Acquiring the QuestEdit

After Lazar Bassili asks the legionnaires to investigate the Heroes' Crypt, the quest Heroes of Old begins. Once the legionnaires travel to the crypt, they will encounter a man outside named Maximilien. After they open the crypt, he asks them to recover some historic relics for his studies.


  • Find the Skull of Norick
    • Search the Heroes' Crypt for the Skull of Norick.
      • Toward the beginning of the crypt there is a locked door. In order to open it, you need the Crypt Keeper's Key, which is found on a corpse in a nearby room. Enter the door, and the skull is in one corner on a large display.
  • Find Merik's Staff
    • Search the Heroes' Crypt for Merik's Staff.
      • Looted out of Merik's tomb in the Hall of Heroes. Note that the staff is a plot item and will be automatically added to your possessions and does not show up in your inventory. Grand Mage's Breeches are the item that drop when you open the sarcophagus.
  • Find Lord Bolingar's Sword
    • Search the Heroes' Crypt for Lord Bolingar's Sword.
      • The sword is on a table you come across shortly after defeating Drakomir.
  • Return the Relics to Maximilien
    • Maximilien is waiting outside the Heroes' Crypt. For each relic you recover, he will give you a reward.


  • between 800 and 900 coins for the first item
  • between 1000 and 1100 coins for the second item
  • between 1000 and 1100 coins for the final item
  • XP 863