Found in Dungeon Siege II.


This book describes the Taclak, forest creatures that live in the woods around Aman'lu. It tells you little that you don't already know; the Taclak are aggressive, impish folk who attack all who venture into the forests. They are neither strong nor skilled in battle, and you were able to evade them easily as a child. You remember that the Taclak were often blamed for the deaths of cattle, and for crop failures. The introduction to the book is mildly interesting:

'Once when the Edhel lived in the forest and Aranna was at peace, the Taclak were as pleasant as any of the wood creatures. They were neither intelligent nor advanced in the ways of magic, but they played with our children and helped us protect the forests from intruders.

However, once we left Vai'lutra to live in houses made of stone, the Taclak's playfulness grew more malevolent. They began to deface and destroy our forest shrines, and to attack us when we ventured into the forest to repair them. They had no metallurgical skills, and their weapons, did not do much damage, but it was an indication of what was to come.

Of late, there have been rumors that the Taclak have disabled the Prism of the Elves built by Isteru to protect Vai'lutra from the outside world. To investigate these rumors, I, Ferslin, entered the forest of Vai'lutra and attempted to make contact with the Taclak.

Unfortunately, I pursued the focus of my investigation in vain. I was unable to reach the Prism.

However, I learned a great deal about the Taclak and their ways of life, and feel that it is my duty to share that information, that soon a properly armed expedition can be sent to the Elen'lu Isles to repair the Prism.'