The Timeline is a record of all notable events to occur in the Dungeon Siege Series universe.

Ages[edit | edit source]

The timeline in the Dungeon Siege Series is divided into four distinct Ages. Most of the gathered history has lost it's historical date and is organized as best as a fourth age scribe can do. Events before the First Age are referred to as the Pre-History age, as while there is historical proof for the events taking place, there is no evidence for specifically when they took place.

In many cases, the actual date of an event is not attributed in it's own referenced lore, and the date on which it occured is back traced from other lore provided ingame either through conversations or lorebooks.

There is conflicting evidence for the origin of humanity. Elven folktales talk of Elandir being the first man, after being banished by Elves. However the The First People in the Eastern Swamps of Ehb claim that they were created by and befriended by Nagog.

Events on the chart are all headed by the date in which the event occured, unless it is headed by Unknown.

Pre History[edit | edit source]

Most of the Pre History age covers the creation of Aranna and it's people, the arrival and departure of the Creator Gods and concludes with the first recorded events of the First Age. Events listed here do not have an attributed date and may have actually occured in the First, Second or Third Age.

First Age[edit | edit source]

The First Age begins with the founding of the Empire of Stars and the birth of Zaramoth to the Utgard race. The region of Ehb is discovered by explorers from the Empire of Stars. Zaramoth claims the Empire of Stars as his birthright and begins a long history of oppression. The War of Legions quickly begins as the 10th Legion of the Empire refuses to acknowledge Zaramoth. The 10th Legion retreats to and entrenches Ehb, prepared for a bloody war. Azunai is born in the Azunite Tribe on the Azunite Plains. The First age ends with the war between the Azunites and the Empire of Stars, resulting in the First Great Cataclysm.

Second Age[edit | edit source]

The Second age begins right at the end of the First Age, during the First Great Cataclysm. The Dryads are born on Greylyn Isle. The Empire of Stars collapses without a leader in civil war and most regions splinter off into independent city-states while oppressed countries regain their independence. Ehb loses contact with Eastern Aranna and The Empire of Stars, finally granting them the independence they have fought so aggressively for. Lady Montbarron is born a lowly farmer and rises to become the Hero of Ehb after defeating the Seck rebellion. The Goblins of Ehb almost become extinct save for Lady Montbarron's mercy. The events of Dungeon Siege, Legends of Aranna and Dungeon Siege II occur during this period.

Third Age[edit | edit source]

The Third age begins right at the end of The Second Age, during the Second Great Cataclysm. Greilyn Isle sinks beneath the ocean during violent storms and Kalrathia is swallowed up by the desert sands. Aman'lu is ravaged and almost exterminated by The Bound. The Hero of the Second Age begins a year long search for the Dark Wizard who caused the Cataclysm. The Dark Wizard disguises himself and gathers magical energy from maddened wizards and misleads the surviving Dryads into assisting him into opening a portal to his homeland. He is stopped at the last minute by The Hero of the Second Age. Eva and Taar search The Bloodmist Isles for the Shield of Azunai.

The events of Broken World, Throne of Agony, Dungeon Siege III, Treasures of The Sun occur during this period.

Pre History[edit | edit source]

Unknown[edit | edit source]

  • The Creator Gods fall from the Heavens for an unknown reason. They design and create Aranna.[1]
  • The Creator Gods give life to the Humans, Utraeans, Utgards, Goblins, Droog and Elves. Nagog befriends the humans who call themselves The First People. Nagog reveals that his fall from heaven has resulted in terminal injuries so he gifts them a powerful artifact, his heart which has the power to heal allies, harm enemies and can even return the dead to life.[1]
  • The Creator Gods leave Aranna via unknown means, however their followers and handmaidens, the Archon's, are forced to stay behind for unknown reasons. Some Archon's continue to wander the Celestial Planes, trying to find their masters while the rest integrate into the various societal groups of Aranna. However they refuse to intervene in major conflicts.
  • The Elves form the Edhel, a ruling government.
  • Sick of wars that are endless and pointless, Elandir "The First", leaves the Elves to find peace. He is labelled a traitor and a coward. Elandir is stripped of his Elven physiology and status, becoming the first human in Eastern Aranna. Elandir forms the Agallan tribe in the mountains and eventually becomes the first Agallan Giant.
  • The Utreaean Empire is born. Starting from the Island of the Utraeans, the Utraeans branch out southwards into what is now known as the Utraean Peninsula and eastwards to The Iron Coast. Arhok is settled as a trading post between the island and the mainland.
  • Jherkals Crown rises up as a major city of commerce, scientific study and the arts.
  • Utraean researchers discover a massive geyser of magicka on the Island of the Utraeans. They harness it and turn it into the Great Clock which allows them to perfectly control the weather in their empire. This control gives them perfect summer harvests and easy winters.
  • The HUB Displacement System is invented, an archaic form of teleportation that allows instantaneous travel between two points.
  • Utraean researchers begin delving into different dimensions to improve themselves. They accidentally stumble into the realm of shadow and the ShadowJumper is discovered. He causes havoc but is eventually subdued and captured. The Utraeans harness his power for their technology.
  • A great fortress is constructed to defend The Great Clock and the mountain that is sits on. Klornath christens it "Fortress Emarard" - the old Utraean word for Fire Rock.
  • Goblins attempt to steal technology from The Great Clock but are exterminated.
  • Utraean researchers begin genetically modifying species to make them stronger and smarter. The Zaurask and Hassat race are born from jungle lizards and feral cats. The Zaurask and Hassat are forced into slavery, becoming servants to their Utraean masters.
  • The Zaurask become too numerous for the Utraeans to handle and instigate a revolution.
  • Start of the Utraean Civil War between the Utraeans, Hassat and Zaurask.
  • Grand Wizard Demlock orders The Great Clock to be harnessed to create new equipment called "Clockwork" for Utraean Archers to aid in the Civil War.
  • Jherkals Crown falls to the Zaurask horde.
  • Ashish, a warrior queen, is captured and labelled a criminal by the Utraean Government. She is handed over to Master Sebihp for genetic experimentation, despite notable public figures being against this. Ashish is turned into a Mucosa Queen.
  • The Utraean variant of the Mucosa Race is born.
  • Ashish revolts against her Utraean guards with the help of her spawn. However the entrance to the underground facility is collapsed under rock and she is trapped there permanently.
  • Peak of the Utraean Civil war.
  • The Utraean government recalls all soldiers from the border territories to defend the empires homeland. The Iron Coast and the Utraean Peninsula is abandoned. Research on the Maljin is halted and they are sealed beneath Hiroth until the researchers can safely return.
  • The Temple of Kmethekt is defended by Grand Wizard Demlock. His skill and strategy in battle prevents the Zaurask from gaining any ground so they instead tunnel beneath the temple and break through the lower levels, making their way upwards killing everyone inside. Sensing defeat, Demlock creates a great ravine in the ground and conjures up the largest storm in history. Flash floods wash through the temple, killing everyone inside and destroying the tunnels. Demlock is defeated by a poisoned arrow in his back and the storm continues until the temple sinks into the muddy ground.
  • Utraean Civil War ends in a stalemate. The Utraeans are largely confined to the southern portion of their island. The Zaurask continue making incursions towards Illicor, but make no progress for the next few hundred years as their lack of unifying intelligence prevents strategic advancement.
  • End of the Utraean Empire.
  • War between the Agallans and the Utgards breaks out over territorial, societal and racial differences.
  • Seeking a peaceful resolution, the Agallans construct the floating city of Agalla on the ocean, out of reach of the Utgards.
  • First records of the Azunite Tribe in the Agallan Peaks. Despite being a nomadic tribe, the Azunites eventually settle in South-Central Aranna in the now modern day Azunite Desert.

First Age[edit | edit source]

Unknown[edit | edit source]

  • Zaramoth is born to the Utgard Tribe. His magical capabilities are quickly known to the rest of the Utgards.
  • Zaramoth becomes the leader of the Utgards.
  • Zaramoth recruits the Dark Wizards and several tribes into his service to aid in the war against the Agallans.
  • The Utgards forge the Sword of Zaramoth to aid Zaramoth in the war against the Agallans.
  • Zaramoth creates the Seck race. A lesser species that specializes in magic that augments his already formidable armies.
  • Zaramoth conquers all of South Eastern, save for Gonsiir which maintains consistent independence.
  • Zaramoths empire frequently clashes with Imperial Legions along the Northern Reaches and parts of the Plain of Tears. The end always results in a stalemate, with him unable to push north, but the Empire also unable to expand southwards.
  • The Archmage of the Empire of Stars is mortally wounded. The Valley of the Dead is constructed near Yesterhaven as his resting place for him and his retinue. In order to prevent the dead from rising, he fashions the Chalice of Mourning and grants Eternal Life to his two wards, a human female Nature Mage and a Dwarven male warrior in exchange for eternal vigilance over the Valley. They eventually become the Snow Queen and the Fire King. Their powerful magic allows Yesterhaven to have good summers and easy winters.
  • After protecting the Valley for hundreds of years, the Fire King concludes that eternal servitude to a dead lord is no life at all and proceeds to research a way to end his vigil. He convinces the Undertaker of Yesterhaven to steal the Chalice of Mourning from the Valley of the Dead and in return, he would fashion an amulet that would make Maid Gwendolyn love him.
  • Enraged that the Chalice is stolen, the Archmage, now a Lich, sends Dante to find it.
  • The Fire King sends his armies through the Valley of the Dead to attack the Snow Queen. She blames Yesterhaven for allowing this and covers the once summer Yesterhaven in a thick blanket of snow.
  • Events of Dungeon Siege: Yesterhaven.
    • Travelers from the future mysteriously appear in the middle of Yesterhavens town square. They offer to assist in figuring out what is going on. Fighting to the peak of Wintershroud Mountain and defeat the Snow Queen. Disheartened, she states that the cause of Yesterhaven's suffering was because of the Fire King sending his armies through them to her.
    • The travelers return to Yesterhaven to discover it overrun by the Undead from the Valley. They fight through the undead horde, rescue Maid Gwendolyn and defeat the Lich. He reveals that the only way to fix everything is to return the Chalice of Mourning.
    • The travelers return to Yesterhaven to find that the Snow Queen has joined the townspeople and is doing her best to keep them alive through the drought caused by the Fire King. They prepare for and siege the Fire Kings castle beneath his volcano. Defeated, the travelers grant him the mortality that he so desperately wanted.
    • Upon attempting to return to Yesterhaven, the travelers are thrust back into their own time where they discover that the village has been abandoned and the valley permanently sealed. The plaque in the center of town has labelled them heroes and treasure left for them is revealed.
  • (Likely between 800-967) The Utraean Peninsula is settled by humans who discover and research the Utraean Ruins. Droog are also discovered here and are much more forthcoming than their Ehb counterparts.
  • The Utraean Historical society is formed to research the Utraean Ruins and uncover the secrets of Hiroths stone circle.

0[edit | edit source]

  • The Empire of Stars is founded by Iansha when she united the Ilion tribes in Illiyara, a city on the lake called the Chalice of Stars.
  • The Empire of Stars maintains four legions.
  • First records of the Plain of Tears. Eleven human tribes occupy territories in and around it including the Azunites and the human Agallans who would later build Snowbrook Haven.
  • Azunite Tribe is subjugated by the Empire peacefully.

400s[edit | edit source]

500's[edit | edit source]

  • An Imperial Trading Company seeking alternative routes through the Green Range stumbles upon the Droog living at the Cliffs of Fire. The Droog refuse to trade until an otherwise cheap bolt of fabric is produced.[2]
  • The Empire of Stars maintains nine legions.
  • Jealous of the Empires growing power, the leaders of the 3rd Legion assassinate the Emperor and rule in his stead. The Radiant Youth appears to hundreds of men and women in their dreams and implores them to head to Illiyara to stop the 3rd's treason. The new army engages with the 3rd and wins a decisive victory despite having little to no military training, meagre weapons and armor and a three to one ratio. The 10th Legion is formed from the surviving army who defeated the 3rd Legion.

596[edit | edit source]

  • Etan Stonebridge abandons his post in the 2nd Legion to join a merchant caravan heading to Ehb. They reach the Cliffs of Fire and Etan sees the Droog making use of an eggshell-like material as thick as a mans hand. Although the Droog have little interest in trading, they gladly hand over what otherwise appears as a useless material to them. Etan sells the material for a massive profit in the Empire.[3]

600[edit | edit source]

  • First records of the Azunite Shrines of Passion.[4]

600's[edit | edit source]

604[edit | edit source]

  • Aware that the new races do not appear to be intending to leave and are growing in frequency, the Droog Circle of the First sought to find a way to hopefully stop or at least slow the number of Human, Seck and Goblin traders. A change of heart is announced and a Great Auction is held with the greatest weapons and jewels going to the highest bidder. Several Imperial Traders, Goblin Tribes and a Seck contingent converge upon the Cliffs of Fire to take part in the bidding. The uneasy neutrality explodes when each party was informed that another party had stolen the goods to be auctioned, sparking off a war between the three parties. The Droog are given a few short years of isolation, but it backfires when they discover they are now surrounded by entrenched Imperial holdings. When the 10th Legion later finds out what really happened, the Droog are forced to concede major amounts of land and passage through their town in exchange for limited autonomy.[6]

700[edit | edit source]

  • Over 100 villages and towns are recorded as being devout to the Azunite faith.

700's[edit | edit source]

  • Exploratory shafts in the Green Range and Frostpire Mountains uncover vast quantities of Iron. Imperial traders push the Droog for more concessions.[7]
  • Gold and Coal discoveries fuel the construction of the early stages of expansion of the Empire of Stars.[7]

820[edit | edit source]

  • The Empire of Stars now maintains 14 legions.

820-844[edit | edit source]

  • Karese Noanni is appointed Grandmaster of the 10th Legion.
  • Lescanza begins a civil uprising against the Empire of Stars, trying to gain independence. They are "pacified" by the 10th Legion.[8]
  • Emperor Veransk III announces that his heir will be Zaramoth. The announcement results in the War of Legions, a civil war that grips the empire. Veransk III dies less than a week later in a gruesome vivisection by legionnaires. His final resting place is lost to history.[9]
  • Zaramoth becomes Emperor of the Empire of Stars, creating the largest empire to date in Aranna. The 10th Legion refuses to bow to him and pulls out of Illiyara and the Empire, retreating to Ehb. Anyone who refuses to acknowledge Zaramoth's ascension is put to death.
  • Zaramoth orders that magic is outlawed in the Empire except for those loyal to him.
  • The Seck occupy Wesrin Cross and use it to breed their Arakun Guild Spiders.[5]
  • Karese Noanni and the 10th Legion engage in a vicious battle against the seck. Despite heavy losses, the result is a 10th Legion victory. The fallen are interred in the Crypt of the Sacred Blood which is constructed on the site of the battle.
  • Wesrin Cross is abandoned by the Seck.[10]
  • The Empire of Stars prospers under Zaramoths rule, though lawbreakers are immediately put to death rather than held prisoner or judged fairly.
  • Discontent with the Palace of Night, Zaramoth orders Imperial Engineers to construct Zaramoths Horns off the eastern Plain of Tears. It is an impressive, nigh impregnable fortress.
  • Zaramoth demands that the Agallan's surrender to him in exchange for their continued allowance to live. The Utgards inform Zaramoth they are concerned that he is too brutal to his own troops. Zaramoth conquers the Agallan's and then returns home to slaughter every Utgard tribe member. The floating city of Agalla is the last remaining Agallan hold out against Zaramoth.
  • Malith betrays the Agallan tribe by revealing the location of Agalla. Zaramoth promises to make her his second in command and heir to the Empire of Stars after him.
  • Battle of Agalla
  • Zaramoths armies destroyt the supports holding up Agalla. It sinks beneath the sea and is lost for hundreds of years. Zaramoth then in turn betrays Malith, letting it be known across the empire that she betrayed the Agallans.
  • Malith is hunted down by the surviving Agallans. She is placed on the Throne of Agony to pay for her crimes.
  • Believing Malith is dead, Zaramoth orders the surviving Agallans to join his ranks. However, Elandir lays a powerful curse on the traitors. Strange markings detailing their betrayal appear on their bodies and they slowly shrink in size, becoming the first Half-Giants.
  • Azunai is born.
  • Azunai, as a child, discovers a secret cave that he believes has a water geyser. In actuality, it is a geyser of magic that slowly enhances him on the inside over many years.
  • Azunai becomes the leader of the Azunite tribe.
  • Civil unrest increases against the Empire in the south of Aranna.
  • Azunai declares a full cecession from the Empire. Believing it to be no more than a regular uprising, Zaramoth sends a few soldiers to deal with them and they are utterly crushed.
  • After Azunai's first victory, thousands flock to his banner and his rebellion becomes a full-on conflict.
  • Xeria travels to Azunai and announces that she wishes to fight by his side. She quickly gains his trust through her honesty and skill with weapons.
  • Enraged by Azunai's victories, Zaramoth sends his best Seck mages to find a way to defeat him. One of the mages enchants his son, Tog the Assassin, to appear as a beautiful woman called Vesulia. Azunai was so enchanted by her that he switched to having her by his side in battle instead of Xeria.
  • Azunai starts losing against Zaramoth.
  • Determined to prevent them from losing the war, Xeria travels into the heart of the Seck camp. She overhears the Seck Mages plans with Tog and Azunai. Xeria orders a soldier to run back and warn Azunai while she rushes into the tent alone and slaughters the Seck Mages and their retinue, however she dies from her injuries. Xeria is christened as a saint.
  • Tog's magic wears off and Azunai promptly kills him.
  • Aware that his armies alone are not strong enough to defeat the Empire of Stars, Azunai seeks out the reclusive Agallan Giants. Despite their initial concerns, they agree to forge him a Great Shield to defend himself from Zaramoths Sword.
  • Now seeing this uprising as a legitimate concern, Zaramoth himself enters the battle on the Plain of Tears.
  • Battle of the Plain of Tears.
    • Azunai's army suffers significant losses against Zaramoths onslaught. Azunai rushes to the front to face him head on. Zaramoth's Sword is brought down on Azunai's Shield.
    • The magic of the sword striking the shield releases the magic held within both tools, causing a torrent of magic to rush over the battlefield. The magic is too much for the world to handle and the soul of every living creature at the battle is ripped from their bodies and rushes into the River of Souls, which overflows, creating new ley-lines of magic throughout the world.
    • First Cataclysm occurs. Arranna is massively scarred by this event as the shockwave eminates out from the battlefield.
    • The Edhel of Aman'Lu strengthen the magical shield over the Vai'Lutra forest to defend themselves from the shockwave.
    • Zaramoth dies.
    • Azunai dies.
    • The Azunites homeland is stripped of life and becomes the Azunite Desert.
    • Without a leader, the Empire of Stars crumbles into oblivion, shattered by civil war.
  • End of the Empire of Stars
  • End of the War of Legions.

821[edit | edit source]

  • Sent by Zaramoth, the Seck occupy Ehb for 23 years under their leader, Gom. Fortress Kroth is fortified by them to help maintain control.

839[edit | edit source]

  • The 3rd Legion fights a pitched battle against the 10th Legion on the edge of the Aranoi Desert. The 3rd is overwhelmingly defeated, but a large contingent lead by Grand Mage Raymund Gunderic surrenders. Karese Noanni shows them mercy, granting them sanctuary in the new kingdom they are building.
  • Raymund Gunderic is given a noble title on the condition that he administers the valley of Rukkenvahl and keeps the northern lands safe.

Second Age[edit | edit source]

Unknown[edit | edit source]

  • Arinth begins training with Isteru and Drindan the Wise.[11]
  • Arinth creates a staff to channel and amplify his powerful magical abilities. After going mad with power and lashing out at everyone, Istaura and Isteru lead a band of the strongest Edhel to defeat him. They are unable to kill him and instead lock him underground to be eternally forgotten.[11]
  • Arinth's staff is broken into three pieces and scattered throughout the land to be lost to time.[11]
  • The Aegis of Life is recovered and used by the Elves to permanently augment their lifespans. It is then given to the Dryads and used to grow their trees into gigantic proportion. Greylyn Isle is turned into a lush paradise. The Aegis is placed in the Temple Of The Coast for safekeeping.
  • The Aegis of Sight is recovered by Kalrathia. It is hidden beneath the city.[12]

844[edit | edit source]

  • The passages through the Green Ranges and Frostspire Mountain collapses, cutting off Ehb and Lescanza from Eastern Aranna.
  • Eastern Aranna suffers from a massive crop failure.
  • Kalrathia is founded on the Plain of Tears near a healthy spring of water.
  • The Dark Wizards recover The Sword of Zaramoth.
  • Isteru revives the forests and builds the Prism of the Elves to protect Aman'Lu from future conflicts.
  • Arinth is born in Aman'Lu.[11]
  • The Aegis of Blindness is recovered by Snowbrook Haven and locked in a Mythril Cage.[12]
  • The Aegis of Death is given to Aman'Lu for safekeeping by a wandering nomad.[12]
  • The Manu Ostar Guild is formed in Aman'Lu to study the power of the Aegis of Death.
  • The Manu Ostar begins a ritual to attempt to control death itself. It backfires and kills half the guild. The other half begins decaying but not dying and are subsequently banished to the Vai'Lutra forests by the Edhel.[13]
  • The Edhel hide the Aegis of Death beneath Aman'Lu to be forgotten.
  • The Seck in Ehb are defeated by the 10th Legion. The survivors, including Gom, are imprisoned beneath Castle Ehb in the Vault of Eternity.
  • Ehb suffers from a large food shortage due to an overabundance of legionnaires and a shortage of farmers. Karese Noanni dismantles the majority of the 10th Legion.
  • Kingdom of Ehb is founded.
  • Karese Noanni refuses the throne of Ehb, opting to instead continue being Grandmaster of the 10th Legion.
  • The first Dryads are born from the unstable magic of the First Great Cataclysm in the dead Eastern Forests.
  • The nomadic Dryads reach the western shore of the Plain of Tears. Giving up hope of finding a living forest, they are blown by a massive storm into the water and arrive at the Greylyn Isle, untouched by the Cataclysm.

845[edit | edit source]

  • Sea Elves discover the Dryads on Greylyn Isle.
  • Sea Elves discover the Ha'ku on Greylyn Isle.
  • Dryad society is accelerated with the knowledge of how to control fire, smith tools and weapons and how to build strong houses in the trees.
  • Sea Elves discover a magical geyser in the north of Greylyn Isle. They tap it and build the Elven Shrine to be harnessed for healing.

935[edit | edit source]

  • New fortifications in Frostspire Pass are completed.[5]
  • Wesrin Cross is deemed too unsuitable for continued military use and is turned over to the royal family of Ehb.[5]

943[edit | edit source]

  • The Great Blast. A build up of explosive vapors in Glitterdelve Mine touches off a chain reaction which buries valuable veins beneath miles of rock. Goldsniffer Mags is venerated as a hero for saving many of the miners but dies from toxic inhalation.[14][15]
  • A series of magically powered fans to circulate air in the mine is installed to prevent another build up of explosive vapor.[14]

944[edit | edit source]

960[edit | edit source]

  • Ibsen Yamas heads to Ehb with an Azunite Synod.[16]
  • Geoffery Gunderic is appointed Grand Mage of the 10th Legion. He establishes a rigorous system of education for mage apprentices and offers hiw own familys estate as a magical training academy for the Legion.

961[edit | edit source]

  • Ibsen Yamas arrives in Ehb and presents himself to the King in Castle Ehb with a letter of recommendation that he be assigned to his mothers post.[16]
  • Ibsen's cooking is found to be inferior to his soldering and he is instead put in charge of a platoon.[16]

965[edit | edit source]

  • Goblins claim to have beaten Ibsen Yamas at Frostspire Pass. Ibsen returns three days later and turns the battle into a bloody rout.[16]
  • Sir Hovart is appointed the title of Lord Hovart and governs the entirety of the Utraean Peninsula.[17]
  • Lord Hovart raises taxes to an inhuman level in order to build his multitude of fortresses, most of which are never actually completed.

987[edit | edit source]

  • Ibsen Yamas goes missing in a snowstorm attempting to find his lost beloved mule, Caprine. He is pronounced dead. Ibsen reappears three days later, irritated, with a hole in his boot.[16]

994[edit | edit source]

  • Ibsen Yamas resigns his post in the 10th Legion and is promoted to Overseer of Glacern, effectively putting him in charge of the entirety of Western Ehb.[16]

1017[edit | edit source]

  • Relran enters the service of Lord Hovart as a guardsman.[17]
  • Construction starts on the underground fortress Hovarts Folly, southwest of Elddim.[17]
  • Lady Sathar, Lord Hovarts bride, arrives from a distant land. She is regarded coldly by the local military.[17]

1018[edit | edit source]

  • Hovarts Folly is completed.[17]
  • Lady Sathar and Lord Hovart confer with Mage Umberdeep about the creation of the Gavel of Convening, which makes him immortal.[17]
  • Lord Hovart dies and becomes permanently undead thanks to the Gavel of Convening.[17]
  • Lady Sathar orders the doors to Hovarts Folly be closed permanently.[17]

1019[edit | edit source]

  • Smoth the 30th
    • Last official sighting of Lady Sathar and Lord Hovart. The remaining humans in Hovarts Folly are slowly fed to Sathar's Spiders and return as undead minions.[17]
    • Sathar's inner circle is the only group able to safely leave Hovarts Folly, and begin kidnapping nearby peasants.[17]

1024[edit | edit source]

  • Krug tribes raid and occupy the Crystwind Mines for water and shelter from the hot summer.
  • Krug tribes also raid the central farmlands for food and supplies.
  • The Dragon Queen raids the Droog Village, Quillrabe. As a peace offering, she claims the Quillrabe Townstone.
  • Castle Hiroth is overrun by monsters and restless undead from underground. The military abandons the castle and fortifies Hiroth.
  • The Utraean Historical Society calls for the unification of the town stones, believing that the Utraean Circle holds the answers to all their problems.
  • Events of Dungeon Siege 1: Utraean Peninsula[18]
    • Adventurers from Elddim set out to assist the Utraean Historical society in reuniting the townstones.[18]
    • Lord Hovart is put to rest and the Gavel of Convening is destroyed.[18]
    • The Krug tribes are pacified and the Crystwind Mines are reopened.[18]
    • With the Townstones in place, the Utraean Circle is revealed to have been a seal on the Maljin, who break out of the facility and bring down a toxic red mist across the peninsula. The adventurers destroy the Maljin in the facility with a tenstone given to them by the Utraean Historical society.[18]

1080[edit | edit source]

  • Prince Edvard "The Goblin Pretender" hires Goblin engineers and spends extravagent and wasteful amounts refurbishing and rebuilding Wesrin Cross.[5][note 1]
  • Grand Mage Olvis is revealed as a traitor when he attempts to instigate an uprising against the royal family with Prince Edvard
  • Grand Mage Olvis and Prince Edvard are killed by the 10th Legion in Wesrin Cross.
  • Merik becomes the next Grand Mage of the 10th Legion.

1120-1125[edit | edit source]

1144[edit | edit source]

  • Goblins steal Grand Mage Meriks Warding staff
  • Merik asks the Seck if they had stolen it. They decline.
  • Merik is captured by the Goblin Inventor. He is frozen in a pillar of ice in the Alpine Caves.
  • Aware that the Wards around the Vault of Eternity have weakened, Gom sends Commander Gresh to break out.
  • Gresh teaches the Krug how to use fire and magic in exchange for them causing a distraction in western Ehb. The Krug rampage through Glitterdelve and Stonebridge.
  • Battle of Stonebridge.
  • Ibsen Yamas pulls legion patrols out of the Eastern Forests and Alpine routes in order to secure western Ehb.
  • Gresh coerces the Droog to join him or die and then lays siege to Fortress Kroth. He is unable to claim it himself, but instead augments his growing army with every soldier that is killed by raising them from the dead.
  • The Seck fully break out of the Vault of Eternity and occupy Castle Ehb. Everyone is killed except for King Konreid who is planned for use in a dark ritual and Lord Bolingar who escapes into the surrounding lands.
  • Siege of Fortress Kroth
  • Events of Dungeon Siege 1.
    • Krug raiding parties reach the Western Farmlands. Norick is killed in the early fighting. As vengence, The Farmer takes up arms and fights their way to Stonebridge through the Crypt of the Sacred Blood.
    • The Farmer rescues Ulora from the Crypt of the Sacred Blood. Ulora becomes her first companion.
    • After instruction from Gyorn, The Farmer reclaims Glitterdelve and opens the pass to Glacern to allow Legion reinforcements through. She is instructed by Ibsen Yamas to reinforce Fortress Kroth.
    • The Farmer frees Merik from his frozen prison and then reclaims the Warding Staff from the Goblins in the Eastern Swamps.
    • The Farmer kills Commander Gresh at the conclusion of the Siege of Fortress Kroth.
    • The Farmer then pacifies the Droog uprising
    • Assaulting Castle Ehb, The Farmer rescues King Konreid.
    • The Farmer secures The Chamber of Stars from the Seck and slay Gom in the Vault of Eternity.
  • Seck are declared extinct.
  • The Farmer returns to the Western Farmlands to give Norick a proper burial.

1145[edit | edit source]

  • Rupert Ketzler is elected Mayor of Stonebridge.
  • The Farmer is granted a noble title from King Konreid, now named "Lady Montbarron". She is granted lands and estates in the Rukkenvahl.

1154[edit | edit source]

  • The Goblin tribes of the Eastern Swamps ask for mercy from Lady Montbarron and King Konreid. Lady Montbarrons actions have resulted in their near extinction. King Konreid offers them peace and to integrate into Ehb as full citizens provided they follow all established laws. Lord Bolingar shatters his sword as a sign of peace
  • Angered by the ascension of Goblins to a status of citizenry, Merik renounces his title as Grand Mage of the 10th Legion. He is succeeded by Zed.
  • Mayor Rupert Ketzler invites Goblins into Stonebridge.

1156[edit | edit source]

  • King Konreid dies. He is succeeded by his son, Karlyle.

1175[edit | edit source]

  • The Guild of Ironmongers in Stonebridge is granted permission to use space beneath the city to build massive furnaces, smelters and forges.
  • Goblins begin excavating The Great Foundry.
  • Beginning of the "Goblin Revival" period in Stonebridge.

1179[edit | edit source]

  • The Great Foundry is established in Stonebridge by the Guild of Ironmongers. It generates power for the entire city.

1192[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Montbarron dies of old age. She is buried in the Heroes Crypt which is constructed by the Montbarron and Gunderic families. Noricks corpse is later moved to the Heroes Crypt in honor of his friendship with Montbarron. The remains of each member of Lady Montbarrons party are buried here as well.

1208[edit | edit source]

  • Rupert Ketzler steps down as Mayor of Stonebridge and dies shortly afterwards. Part of the Crypt of the Sacred Blood is excavated to create a burial site for him.

1220[edit | edit source]

  • Gloern dies. He was the last living member of the Seck Reborn heroes.

1243[edit | edit source]

  • Valdis' fever and delirum give him dreams of Zaramoths Horns and a way to get inside. He enters alone by the approval of the Dark Wizards. Zaramoth is transformed, becoming massive in size and strength. He is not seen for several months.
  • Valdis creates the Morden, a race similar to the Seck but having a greater focus on brute strength rather than magic.
  • Valdis reappears to the world, sending letters to the various capitols and leaders of the world saying that his people are on a quest for rare artifacts and that aggressive conflict was not in his plan. He also offers for anyone and everyone to join him as mercenaries for high pay.
  • The Mordern build the town of Darthrul, north of Kalrathia and begin a peaceful trading relationship.
  • Mordern travel to Aman'Lu on a recruitment drive. Restless, Drevin and The Hero of the Second Age join up.
  • The Archmage of the Dark Wizards opens a portal between Valdis' Army and the western coast of Greylyn Isle. Harpies and Dragons fly through carrying pods of soldiers, both mercenary and Morden alike.
  • Siege of Greylyn Isle
  • Events of Dungeon Siege 2
    • Unprepared for the attack, the Dryads are largely slaughtered by the Mordern and their mercenary allies.
    • The Temple of the Coast is seized by Valdis and he claims the Aegis of Life.
    • Valdis betrays the Mercenaries he employed and slaughters them all. Only The Hero of the Second Age survives by sheer luck of being beneath Drevin's body.
    • Hearing about the siege of Greylyn Isle, Princess Evangeline travels to Aman'Lu to bring the Aegis of Death back to Snowbrook Haven for safe keeping.
    • Valdis leaves Greylyn Isleand heads towards Aman'Lu on foot for the next piece of the Aegis.
    • Siege of Windstone Fortress.
    • Valdis and the Archmage of the Dark Wizards lay waste to Aman'Lu after they are unable to give up the Aegis of Death. Valdis gives chase to Evangeline and tears her caravan apart.
    • Evangeline is tormented by the the Dark Wizards until she is rescued by The Hero of the Second Age.
    • Siege of Snowbrook Haven
    • Valdis successfully sieges Snowbrook Haven but fails to claim the Aegis of Blindness as it is quickly retrieved by the Hero of the Second Age during the battle.
    • The Mordern occupy Kalrathia and cut off the water in order to pacify the inhabitants. Lord Kalrathia is allowed to live in order to maintain the peace.
    • During the escape from Snowbrook Haven, The Hero of the Second Age disappears for several weeks before arriving in Kalrathia.
    • The Hero of the Second Age instigates a rebellion in Kalrathia by restoring the water supply. They are given the Aegis of Sight by the dying Lord Kalrathia.
    • The Hero of the Second Age then travels to find the Agallan Giants to reforge the Shield of Azunai. Though hesitant of what happened last time it was forged, they rebuild it.
    • Assault on Zaramoths Horns
    • The Hero of the Second Age confronts and defeats Valdis at the peak of Zaramoths Horns. The Archmage of the Dark Wizards betrays Valdis and forces the Sword to strike the shield, causing The Second Great Cataclysm

Third Age[edit | edit source]

1243[edit | edit source]

    • The Second Great Cataclysm occurs
    • Greylyn Isle sinks beneath the waves
    • The Dryads are forced to work with the Ha'ku to build rafts and move to the mainland.
    • The Ha'ku are caught stealing supplies from the Dryads and are slaughtered.
    • The Ha'ku are believed extinct.
    • Kalrathia sinks into the desert sands and disappears.
    • The Elves of Aman'Lu lose their magical foresight due to the blast. They fall into a deep depression which causes their defense to crumble.
    • The roads from Snowbrook Haven to Windstone Fortress and Aman'Lu are destroyed.
    • The Hero of the Second Age's party splits up to find the Overmage.
    • Taar returns to the Dryads, shocked at how their caring nature has been replaced by barbarism and a superiority complex.
    • Evangeline and Vix return to Snowbrook Haven to restore order. Evangeline is crowned queen but without an official ceremony.
    • Without the magic of Zaramoths Sword to sustain them, the Mordern begin to wither and die.
    • The Bound are unleashed upon Eastern Aranna, twisted mutates forms of their original selves.

1244[edit | edit source]

    • Kanred is instructed in the magical arts by the Overmage, posing as an Azunite Scholar. He loses control and goes mad with power.
    • Events of Broken World
    • The Hero of the Second Age arrives at the Dryad Outpost and is reacquanited with his old allies who rejoin him.
    • Kanred is put down by the Dryads who absorb his magical energies. The Dryads reveal that this is a regular event that they have been performing with all rogue mages.
    • The Hero of the Second Age returns to Aman'Lu and is forced to kill Celeb'Hel after he is declared a rogue mage.
    • The Familiar Surgeons are revealed to be behind creation of The Bound. They are defeated by The Hero of the Second Age.
    • Word spreads that the Dryads have completed their new city in southern Aranna, Solanum. It is revealed that they are being lead by the first ever male Dryad in history, though it is later discovered that it is actually the Overmage in disguise decieving them.
    • The Hero of the Second Age discovers the last of the Glorydeep Miners. They reveal the location of the Cinbri city that they have been excavating for the past few hundred years.
    • Siege of the Cinbri City
    • The Overmage is confronted at the center of the Cinbri city. He fuses his soul with that of Zaramoths attempts to open a portal to the Cinbri homeworld, but is stopped by The Hero of the Second Age.

1245[edit | edit source]

    • Jeyne Kassynder is born.
    • Evangeline and Deru head north to Seahaven in the Bloodmist Isles, trying to find the shield of Azunai.
    • Joseph Verland maps the Bloodmist Isles.
    • Fedwyrr and Klars are found alive and well in Seahaven.
    • The 10th Legion sends soldiers to the Bloodmist Isles to aid in rebuilding efforts after the Second Great Cataclysm.

1260[edit | edit source]

    • Hugh Montbarron is elected Grand Master of the 10th Legion.

1264[edit | edit source]

    • Yohan Miterzoon, the official portrait painter for five generations of the Ketzler Family dies from a suspicious fall.
    • King Hendrick dies in mysterious circumstances. The 10th Legion is blamed.

1265[edit | edit source]

    • The 10th Legion is dismantled. The chapterhouse in Stonebridge is looted and the remaining legionnaires are paraded through the streets before being executed. The survivors go into hiding.

1266[edit | edit source]

1275[edit | edit source]

1286[edit | edit source]

1289[edit | edit source]

    • King Roland is assassinated. The Ruined Court retreats to Glitterdelve after Jeyne Kassynder assaults Glacern and Rolands daughter, Roslyn becomes Queen. Her influence is limited to Glitterdelve.
    • Stonebridge ceceeds from the Kingdom of Ehb and becomes an independent city-state.

1294[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Ruins of Wesrin Cross (Book) incorrectly states that this event takes place in 970. Dungeon Siege III corrects it to 1080

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