Wesrin Cross

The haunted ruins of Wesrin Cross

Wesrin Cross is a ruined tower located in western Ehb, near the Glitterdelve Pass that connects the farmlands near Stonebridge to the mining town of Glitterdelve. Having served many purposes throughout its history, the passageways and chambers beneath the tower are a confusing jumble that is difficult to navigate. This is especially true given the many monsters who now lair within the ruins, including Arakun spiders, yellow spiders, mucosa, walking corpses, and worse.

Wesrin Cross was originally constructed to serve as an inn by Fiola Wesrin, and was later occupied by the 10th Legion. During the War of Legions, the Seck took control of the tower, using its underground chambers to breed their Arakun spiders; it is said that they laid a powerful curse over the place that attracted the descendants of these arachnids for centuries afterwards. Eventually, the ruin was abandoned in favor of newer fortifications, and remained vacant until the Affair of the Goblin Pretender, when the mad prince, Edvard, moved in. He was the last to officially occupy the fortress.

Wesrin Cross Interior

The spider-infested underground

During the Seck Resurgence, a party, led by the future Lady Montbarron, were forced to use Wesrin Cross to reach the town of Glitterdelve, after a rock slide blocked the gate through Glitterdelve Pass. They cut their way through the subterranean tunnels, having to slay a Giant Spider that barred their path in order to continue.